New Deployments

Half Moon Bay, CA
Global Operations
Are you someone that loves being put in a foreign environment and given the challenge to build a fully functional distribution center from nothing? The New Deployments Role will be spearheading the planning and build out of new distribution centers around the world. You'll be working with the Engineering and Operations team to tackle all the challenges you face head on to get our center up and running as quickly as possible. You will have to be technically savvy, be able to develop relationships with vendors and contractors, and recruit a high caliber team - likely a place where you've never been and where no one speaks your language.


    • Develop and implement strategy to build up new Distribution Centers (DC) internationally
    • Source and develop relationships with vendors (infrastructure, site construction, etc)
    • Evaluate all options and a lean budget, select best vendors that ensure reliable and quality services and products
    • Understand and mitigate the risk of each DC build
    • Coordinate launch teams to rapidly and effectively build a DC
    • Create and optimize supply chains to and from the DC
    • Recruit and lead the initial in-country lead team to build and run the DC
    • Coordinate with engineering and business development to ensure the DC aligns with operational goals


    • Desire to not simply accept the status quo, but to innovate and improve on it
    • Background in operations
    • International experience, willingness to spend 80-90% of time outside of the U.S for months at a time

    • Demonstrated ability to: 
    • Lead, manage and train new teams (many times international ones)
    • Prioritize efforts among multiple active projects on different teams and work independently
    • Execute on tight timelines and in low resource environments
    • Effectively communicate despite differences in culture or timezone