Software Engineer – Entry-Level Embedded Firmware

Half Moon Bay, CA
Software Engineering
Zipline is looking for a junior embedded software engineer who is motivated to learn fast, work on lifesaving projects, and solve really hard problems. No professional experience required, just a love for building things..

At Zipline, we don't mess around with unimportant projects. As a junior engineer, you'd still be given very real projects that will be released to the live system every two weeks.

Projects Include

    • Advancing our Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation setup
    • Building fake sensors for bench-top testing
    • Writing and hardening drivers for peripherals like cellular radios, GPS receivers, and IMUs
    • Designing and implementing test binaries for our production team to validate the hardware capabilities of a board


    • Proficiency in C
    • Love for getting your hands on electronics
    • Smart and motivated
    • Eager to learn and grow
    • Strong work ethic
    • Experience making things that move, blink, or beep
    • Terms like RS-485, real-time OS, and stack usage get you excited