Rwanda: Flight Operations

Distribution Center Operations

This role is responsible for all aspects of ground operations at the Distribution Center, including launching and recovering Zips (our drones), tracking maintenance schedules, inspecting the Zips and Ground Equipment, and performing field maintenance. Operators will receive comprehensive training, including: quality processes, the safe operation of all Ground Equipment, how to recognize common defects during visual inspection, how to use the maintenance system, the specific maintenance programs for Zipline and Ground Equipment, the safe handling of damaged Zips and batteries, and fire prevention and safety.


    • As a Flight Operator at Zipline, you'll maintain and operate a fleet of Zips.
    • You'll learn how to take a Zip through preflight checks and launch it. 
    • You'll be expected to provide feedback and ideas to the Engineering team on how to make our program safer and smarter.
    • Your primary responsibility is to safely and efficiently maintain and operate our fleet of autonomous aircraft. 
    • You will help us scale to 100+ deliveries per day while maintaining safety and following flight operations protocols at all times.


    • At least three years experience working as an aircraft maintenance technician or maintaining other capital equipment (e.g., power turbines, mining equipment.)
    • Experience working in a manufacturing or assembly line role or as a skilled tradesman (e.g., electrician, auto mechanic)
    • Must enjoy hands-on work, you will be lifting 25kg objects regularly
    • Adept at working with mechanical or electrical systems.
    • Poise under high pressure situations
    • Interest in leading safety critical processes and operations
    • Ability to maintain focus during extended flight operations
    • Desire to not only follow existing operations protocols, but improve them
    • Experience handling and maintaining electro-mechanical products
    • Able to identify and distill pain-points and opportunities for improvement to the engineering team
    • Enjoys optimizing and fine-tuning processes while running them daily
    • Meticulous and process oriented by nature

    • Languages: 
    • Full Professional Proficiency in spoken and written English
    • Proficiency of other local dialects preferred but not required

Physical Activities

    • Work will require lifting up to 50 lbs., stooping, climbing, prolonged standing, prolonged sitting and working with or in areas where a potential could exist for exposure to physical, chemical or biological agents. Employee use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required in certain areas. Such PPE includes but is not limited to head, foot, hand, torso, respiratory, vision and hearing protective devices.