Software Engineer – Full-Stack & Product Design

Half Moon Bay, CA
Software Engineering

Zipline is looking for a full-stack developer with a strong instinct for product design to build systems that empower our operations around the world and allow our global customers to interact with Zipline.

Projects Include

    • Building an ordering interface that accepts requests from and provides updates via web, WhatsApp, phone calls, and SMS, USSD
    • Product inventory tracking that enables our distribution centers to operate efficiently including RFID and visual data collection
    • A series of applications and systems that track airplane components, scheduled maintenance, spares, and faults to help achieve higher levels of reliability in flight
    • Designing physical interfaces to machines, like launchers and airplanes, focusing on safety and ease-of-training

Minimum Required Experience

    • Comfortable designing front-end applications using modern tools (React, Angular, etc.)
    • Strong understanding of how to determine the needs of users
    • Excited about working in an environment where you’ll be defining requirements rather than working to a designed spec
    • Data model design - identifying relationships between objects and encoding that into a data model
    • Able to account for the security of applications exposed on the internet
    • Making use of extensive unit tests to produce rock-solid code that can be iterated on quickly
    • HTML, Javascript, Python, SQL
    • Must be eligible to work in the US.

Strongly Valued

    • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Shipped to real users
    • Python, SQL, Linux, C, C++, Swift, and Bash
    • Human-Robot interaction design
    • Can design for scale