Software Engineer – Senior Embedded Firmware

Half Moon Bay, CA
Software Engineering
Zipline is looking for an embedded software engineer to own large projects running on our embedded avionics. You must be someone who is both excellent at designing efficient, robust systems and also experienced in implementing these systems. You should be excited about challenging the limits of what has been done before, and motivated to raise the bar for the reliability and safety of drones.

Minimum required experience

    • Deep knowledge of embedded programming
    • Experience designing highly reliable systems
    • Experience designing complex yet elegant embedded systems
    • Understand the specifics and tradeoffs of data buses including CAN and RS485
    • Writing code that can be instrumented, debugged, and unit-tested
    • Root-causing obscure and deep-rooted issues discovered in the field
    • Work on critical systems - things like medical devices, automotive, aerospace, safety-critical applications, etc.
    • Legal status to work in the US

Example projects include:

    • Charting a communication pipeline for streaming GPS correction data from a ground base station to the vehicle over two data paths: cellular and line-of-sight radio
    • Identify design flaws and weaknesses in our current avionics design and contribute to the design of our next-gen autopilot in order to gain true single-fault tolerance on all systems
    • Design and implement a scheme to detect a misbehaving PPS (pulse-per-second) from our primary GPS and have all distributed nodes in the system failover to the backup PPS
    • Building a flight logging driver for high throughput, high reliability, and tolerant to sudden power loss
    • Building robust drivers for off-the-shelf sensors (GPS, IMU, air data sensors) that detect and report failures
    • Design and implement a Wi-Fi-based bootloading system for a multiprocessor distributed architecture