Principal Data Scientist

Sunnyvale, CA
Full Time
Principal Data Scientist
About FogLogic

FogLogic is driving the shift to modern ops and leading the movement to the predictable infrastructure future. FogLogic applies machine learning to understand an application system’s holistic known state, with anomaly detection and automated correlation to eliminate noise, identify patterns, and surface priority events. FogLogic’s curated insights give intelligent guidance for faster remediation so customers can quickly take their enterprise applications stack into a “Known Good State.” 

This shift to modern ops delivers an IT ops multiplier effect, enabling teams to deliver higher service levels with the same budget. With FogLogic, IT ops shifts the focus from manual triage and finger pointing to higher value, higher productivity work.

We’re looking for a super talented individual to join us as Principal Data Scientist as we increase market traction for our disruptive SaaS solution.

At FogLogic, no one is going to tell you how to do your job. We don’t have time for office politics, nor do we care about where or when we get our work done. Everyone stands ready to help if you need it and ask. But we pretty much figure out what needs to be done, and let the person who's in the best position to do it roll-up their sleeves and do it.

If you’re someone:
·       Who is creative and passionate
·       Who’s ready to hurdle obstacles by thinking outside the box
·       Who knows your role, but aren’t confined by it
·       Who’s willing to roll up your sleeves with a GSD mindset
·       Who is prepared to disagree when appropriate – convincingly, honestly and courteously
·       Who will help colleagues when they ask
… then you might be the person we’re looking for!
What’s your Role?
We are currently looking for a passionate Principal Data Scientist. You will drive our Data Science vision and be our ML Platform evangelist. You love to present at various events and project FogLogic as the thought leader in Machine Learning.


    • Drive the vision of ML platform and be an evangelist
    • Analyze, develop, and productize ML platform at scale in a multi-tenant SaaS framework
    • Integrate the ML functionality efficiently into the data pipeline
    • Fulfill a cross-functional role, bridging between ML, Big Data Visualization, and other related functions, working on multi-faceted projects
    • Develop cloud-based distributed micro-services with restful interfaces
    • Use new technologies and methods that will provide FogLogic customers with new and innovative features
    • Work with other product development members to bring new feature to the product quickly and seamlessly
    • Effectively work in a fast-paced, energetic and experienced development team environment
    • Attract, nurture and build a team of Data Scientists
    • Be a humble approachable leader


    • 8+ years experience in building large-scale, multi-tenant infrastructure platforms
    • Experience in building ML algorithms, and multi-tenant prediction systems
    • Knowledge in implementing various algorithms and know which works best in each use case
    • M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or equivalent
    • Proficiency in Python
    • A self-driven, results-oriented mentality with strong analytical and problem-solving skills