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You probably already know we are a different kind of ambassador marketing company. We were the first influencer marketing platform in the world when we launched, years and years before Twitter was abuzz about the “creator economy”. We are a unique team of 70 people based in the Lower East Side of New York City. It’s made up of humans who love their work, are passionate about what they’re doing, and who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines, or to pave a new path. Not to toot our own horn, but some might say we’re a lot of fun too. We hire people for the way their brains work, for their drive and their charisma.

We also believe it’s time to reinvent the advertising industry, and the first step is a team that’s dedicated to the cause. We know influencer marketing can be a powerful platform for social change, and our higher goal is to drive equity for all. To do that well, we need a workforce that's representative of the community we serve, a company where everyone is welcome.

We've got big dreams and we can't do it alone.

We recently launched a platform called AMP which gives brands an easy, lovely way to create a kind of career page for influencers. Its launch was covered in the New York Times as a tool that is professionalizing and organizing the influencer industry.

Fohr has cultivated a large network of social media brand managers and social media influencers over the past 7 years through our industry-leading products. The Vice President of Product would execute in the trenches, but also provide strategic leadership, from a market and product perspective to our management team.
We are looking for a Head of Product who has a passion for social media and understands the importance of leveraging it to expand brand and influencers goals. They will be overseeing two of our most important offerings, Fohr.co and our internal campaign tool. These products have a huge potential for growth, and we are looking for someone who can partner on a vision to see it come to life.
·   8+ years of experience in product management (social network and startups a  plus)
·   Demonstrated skills in developing product roadmaps & functions, specifications, launching new products, conducting customer research, and facilitating user testing
·   Exceptional data analysis skills
·   Strong project management & organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple high complexity projects
·   Must be a self-starter, a team player, and drive
·   Ability to lead and communicate cross-functionally with other departments
·   Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success
·   Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
·   Good time-management skills
·   Great interpersonal and communication skills
·   Competitive salary, location (NYC), and industry (advertising).
·   Participation in the company-sponsored medical, dental, vision plan, 401k, and  commuter benefits program.

Influencers aren’t just a new kind of advertising but part of the larger trend in de-centralization. In the same way Bitcoin is decentralizing currency, influencers are at the pointy end of the decentralization of media, entertainment, brand discovery, and ultimately commerce. The emergence of influencers is the most important shift in consumer behavior since World War II and we think more impactful in disrupting that behavior than the internet. Big brains need big problems to work on, this one is massive.

·   Someone still willing to get their hands dirty and do IC work
·   Someone who has scaled a team from 10 to 30+
·   Been responsible for working across multiple teams
·   Builds strong partnerships with sales and marketing
·   Someone demanding but empathetic
·   They have taste, they care about design and believe functional things can and    should be beautiful
·   Proven record of being decisive, even if the decision was in hindsight wrong
·   Understanding of the influencer/creator space and its impact on the world
·   Strong understanding of how to use data and analytics in determining what projects to work on and what projects are successful, and which were unsuccessful

As part of our dedication to an inclusive and diverse workforce, Fohr is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, protected veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.