Software Engineer, Front-End & Full-Stack

San Francisco
Full Time
At Forethought, we're solving the world's hardest problems in Natural Language Understanding to build an "answer engine" for the enterprise. Customers use our answer engine to give employees and customers access to the right information at the right time. Our mission is to "enable everyone to become a genius at their job".

Founded in 2017, Forethought is funded by some of the top VC's and Angel Investors in Silicon Valley. (Hint: We're backed by some of the same investors as Twilio, Lyft, and Front)

We're looking for world-class full-stack Software Engineers to join our Front-End team! We're looking for folks with a growth mindset, who love to solve the world's hardest problems, and want to have an impact on the world.

As a member of the Front-End Team, you will be responsible for developing the user-facing products, features, and platforms at Forethought. You will build features ranging from beautiful search tools for workers, to integrated Zendesk, Slack, or Chrome apps. Our tech stack leverages modern technologies such as React.js, Python/Flask, and MongoDB. As an early member of the team, you will work cross-functionally with our Design, Product, and Back-End teams to build beautiful and elegant products out of complex problems. You will be responsible for architecting the front-end, should know HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript cold, and be comfortable writing and communicating with REST APIs.

What a typical week may look like at Forethought:
  Develop new features in HTML/CSS/Javascript using React.js
  Work with Backend Team to develop or modify an API endpoint
  Work with Design Team to develop a pixel-perfect interface
  Help think of new features and product ideas
  Test and launch your code to the world's largest companies
  Iterate and do it all over again

What we value and look for in a Front-End Software Engineer:
  Proficiency in HTML/CSS/JS with modern libraries (React.js, Vue.js, etc.)
  Strong coding ability; able to work in large code-bases with fluency
  Solid grasp of computer science, algorithms and data structures
  Past work building web or mobile applications in a real world setting
  Detailed ability to implement pixel-perfect UI from pixel-perfect mock-ups
  "Full-stack" mentality; ability to write backend code in Python or Node.js
  Adaptable, humble, and interested in making an impact
  2+ years experience in Front-End or UI Developer job
  [Optional] BSc in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience

What you get:
  A fast-paced and collaborative environment
  Build category-defining products
  Work with world class talent (ex Facebook, Palantir, Dropbox, LinkedIn)
  A chance to be an early member of the team, with equity to match
  Make an impact, and help make everyone a genius at their job
  Medical, dental and vision coverage 
  Unlimited PTO policy