Search Engine Marketing Analyst

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the discipline of creating, monitoring, and managing advertising campaigns on search engines. The majority of FormSwift’s customers come from text ads on Google and Microsoft, and at the same time, Search advertising is a major company expense. For these and other reasons, the SEM analyst will fill a role that is central to our success, and will work closely with colleagues from other specialties, particularly developers, designers, product managers, and business managers. 

The advertising industry has evolved greatly in the past few decades. While traditional types of advertising – from radio jingles to Superbowl commercials to celebrity sponsorships to billboards—remain important, companies like Google and Microsoft have led a quiet revolution in the advertising space. As an SEM analyst, you will work with Google and Microsoft’s ad platforms. Google ads takes in roughly $50B per year from advertisers like us, and has become the most valuable platform on Earth because it offers three features that are largely absent from “traditional” media:

1. Measurement. In SEM, we track every dollar spent on advertisements and every penny earned as a result. For all of FormSwift’s customers, we know what advertisement the customer clicked on, how much was spent to serve the ad, what the exact text of the advertisement read, how the customer moved through our website, what the customer purchased , where and when every step of the process occurred, and much more. This allows us to determine the profitability of our advertising activities with high granularity. 

2. Control. We can serve highly-customized advertisements to potential customers based on what the customer is searching for, their past search history, prior activity on our website, the customer’s location, time of day, day of week, etc. We can also control how aggressively we market to users based on these same variables, which lets us dedicate our spending towards messaging users who are the most likely to be interested in FormSwift’s services and are most likely to become satisfied long-term customers.   

3. Algorithmic Bidding. Advertising space on search engines is allocated using an auction model. When you search on Google or any other search engine, an auction occurs in the milliseconds that elapse between when you strike the “Enter” key and when the results appear. Different advertisers bid against each other to serve ads to specific users, and the results page you see—which may be absolutely unique to you—is the outcome of that auction. These auctions occur so quickly that bidding is necessarily algorithmic. Rather than gathering in a hotel ballroom and frantically waving numbered cards in the air in front of a fast-talking auctioneer, we design bidding strategies that can be executed by computers, and search engines provide a set of tools to advertisers like FormSwift to craft such algorithms.

The Role

    • As an SEM analyst, you’ll be directly responsible for our advertising activities, but will also gain expertise in general analytics, and support your colleagues in many ways. Some major activities include:
    •  Ad copy writing: Writing text ads with the aim of attracting more and better customers, and prioritizing these activities according to search volume;
    •  Reporting on tests: A major part of FormSwift’s philosophy is to test each change we make. SEM analysts will gather data from AdWords, Google Analytics, our back-end SQL database, and other sources. You will use Excel to help us understand the effectiveness and profitability of different ad variants, bidding strategies, website flows, and more.
    •  Bidding: Based on the results from analytical and reporting projects, you will balance the competing considerations of return on ad spend (ROAS) and customer volume to devise more profitable bidding strategies.


    • SEM requires a mixture of analytical and copywriting skills. We look for the following:

    • Required:
    • An analytical mindset, particularly pertaining to monitoring the effects of changes and experiments.
    • Ability to prioritize projects and work autonomously in a remote environment.
    • Ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, and able to investigate issues as they arise.
    • Persuasive ad copywriting skills.
    • Professionalism (dedication to the success of FormSwift; respectful and supportive collaboration with team members; willingness to admit to mistakes and improve; candor in providing feedback to people at all levels of the organization)
    • Strong Excel skills (pivot tables, VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, statistical functions).

    • Ideal
    • Working knowledge of important online marketing KPIs (CVR, ROAS, customer LTVs, CVR, CPA, etc.).
    • SQL skills (JOIN between tables, strategies to reduce computational load of queries, etc.).
    • Strong theory-of-mind and the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of potential users, existing customers, competitors, and representatives from other companies with whom FormSwift does business.


    • Competitive salary and benefits.
    • Opportunity for rapid advancement in a fast growing company.
    • The ability to make an impact – we are tackling a big market and growing profitably at an incredible rate.
    • 80% paid premiums for Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance 
    • 401K Matching 
    • Company Happy Hours 
    • Annual Company Trip 
    • Opportunities for continued education and training 
    • Work from home flexibility 
    • Unlimited PTO...take time off when you need it!
Please include in your cover letter a paragraph about why you are interested in FormSwift.