Data Science Intern (f/m/d)

Berlin, Germany /
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Foundamental is a new type of venture capital firm. We are market insiders. We have deep knowledge from a very detailed to a global perspective in our chosen industry of focus: construction. Construction is one of the least efficient industries due to ultra-opaque processes and its fragmented nature. Our vision is to fundamentally change how construction works and disrupt the last “El Dorado” to build exponential ventures. As a deep-insight venture firm our ambition is to have deeper knowledge of the workflows, users and commercialization in construction markets than any other venture firm in the world.

In a nutshell

We are constantly looking for passionate individuals to join us in our journey to take venture capital from being data-informed to data-driven.

We are building an intelligent engine to monitor and predict the most exciting developments in the world of construction. This radar provides unique insights and underlies every decision we take. And: we use our data domain knowledge to support construction startups in their machine learning processes. You are going to meet a team that strives for world class. We do not rely on gut feelings, we build hypotheses and test them. We are an agile team, with a short decision chain. And we are committed to moving construction to the fast lane of innovation.

Having experience is great, but combining IQ + EQ + mindset is more important to us. We expect you to be super curious and to be ready to self-learn. It’s never “I don’t know”, but: “I don’t know, yet”.

Your role at Foundamental could be:

    • Build data science models to improve an intelligent search engine that connects heterogeneous data sources to provide the unique insights that drive our investment decisions.
    • Obtain and visualise data on developments in the world of construction technology. Tell stories with data that make others say: “Ahhh!” 
    • Ideally, however, you will come up with a project that leverages and expands your particular skill set after having familiarised yourself with our set-up. You take ownership and make sure the algorithms that you developed are implemented and bring value into the day-to-day business.

What you can excite us with:

    • You are fluent in python and have applied python to one or more projects or hackathons. You write reusable code and know how to use GIT. 
    • You know your way around web frameworks and you are able to get hold of the data that you need to train your algorithms. You are curious and eager to tap into new data sources that others didn't even know existed.
    • The ability to independently familiarize yourself quickly with complex data-scientific environments and information architectures. If you don’t know our framework, that’s perfectly fine - but we need somebody who is willing to learn and embrace our methods. 
    • You can communicate your ideas clearly also to people with a non-technical background. You like to visualise your results in easy to understand plots and graphics. 
    • A background in data science, having completed a data science internship or applied data scientific methods to personal projects. We work a lot with text and unstructured data, so knowledge in NLP is a great plus.
    • You can work independently and come up with and try out new ideas and projects.

And we help you get insights into:

    • How data can shape the decision making processes of a team and how a data scientist can support this process. 
    • How to grow you skill set as a Full-Stack Data Scientist, how to deploy your code to a production cluster and integrate your algorithms in existing data engineering pipelines.
    • How to develop a data science project that is not just interesting from an algorithmic perspective, but can add value to the team and beyond. 
    • How an early stage venture capital firm operates and how young startups are disrupting an age-old industry.
How to Apply:  

What you will not learn is how to write a lengthy cover letter. We like it simple. Ergo: please send us your CV and give us just three bullet points explaining what makes you a great fit.

Location & timing:  

Berlin. We take interns year-round and are flexible about your entry date. The internship should last at least three months (happy to be longer) and is paid. However, at this point we do not sponsor visa applications.