Founder in Residence, CEO (Project Fabric)

London, United Kingdom /
Studio – Commercial /
Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. We create entirely new products from scratch and turn promising concepts into prototypes, and ultimately an MVP, validating decisions commercially along the way to attract a founding team that can spin out into a fully-fledged business.

Fabric is the latest idea to come out of the Factory and we’re looking for a Founder to build the business. 

🤑 So what is Fabric?

With the proliferation of workplace pensions and the gig economy, consumers and pension providers are faced with fragmented pension pots which make it hard to plan and optimise for retirement.

We are helping customers of pension providers to consolidate their fragmented pension pots into one place and take control of their post-retirement pension income. We’re uniquely placed, working with a Tier 1 pension provider, to bring a better AI-based solution to market. Leveraging their domain expertise, their Financial Adviser workforce, in-house operations and market reach we can turbo power this business. 

👀 The Vision

Aggregating data on post-retirement pension assets is the first step on the Google Maps for money big vision which will improve financial wellbeing for everybody.  


    • Executing the successful build and launch of Fabric
    • Setting a clear vision for the business (including product product direction)
    • Activating distribution partnerships, sourcing inventory and supercharging growth
    • Hiring and retaining a world class team beyond the founders
    • Monitoring the regulatory landscape and ensuring we are compliant 


    • Early stage business experience  
    • Experience in a leadership capacity
    • A proven track record of taking ideas and bringing them to life
    • Constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity
    • Strong communication skills - you’ll be sharing the results of analyses, and discussing technical problems, with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences
    • Strong negotiation skills - you will be responsible for striking deals with suppliers for bulk discounted inventory
    • Thrive in uncertainty - ideally in an agency business and/or startup environment
    • Sector experience is a plus but working with a FCA regulated product is a must
We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.