Tech Lead (TMIK)

London, United Kingdom /
Accelerator – Engineering /
#ThisMuchIKnow To power a society that is more knowledgeable, less fearful and is engaging in healthier conversations around the news. 

✅ Positive, independent, curious, community and quality driven.
⛔️ Negative, biased and sensationalist, undemocratic. 
You knowingly consume AND meaningfully contribute. We believe in Changing Tomorrow's Headlines. 

The Challenges
I want to 10x our users base by the end of the year. This represents scalability challenges that you most foresee and design around. 

Success to us is measured in user delight, then we see that sentiment convert into revenue. This requires someone to really dig deep, this will not be fun for someone who only focuses on getting a customer to a landing page or a checkout. 

As the most senior tech person on our team you will have to provide leadership and grow into a CTO level operator as we scale.

Growth mindset and an appetite for learning will be key. The majority of the team have a journalist background. Please explain very technical things with as little jargon as possible.  

The Tech stack at the moment  
• Our MVP was built with React Native on the frontend so we could go to market quicker across both app stores.
• The main serverside language is node.JS but there are elements written in Python (Django)
• We are use Contentful as our Headless CMS 
• The tracking of our user engagement is measured through MixPanel

Next Steps
• Download the app
• Does it speak to you?
• What could you improve?
• Apply and tell us in the interview