Founder/CEO for Healthy Food Distribution Venture

London, United Kingdom /
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One of our key aims at Founders Factory is making the process of launching a startup more accessible. To do that, we mitigate the biggest risks for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and give them the support they need to thrive and grow. We believe that by partnering with you, the world’s best entrepreneurs, we can build technology companies that solve our world's biggest challenges. We’ve spent years perfecting a platform that shortcuts, and de-risks, building a business from scratch. We bring together bold ideas, exceptional entrepreneurs, capital, expert operational support, and the scale of our corporate partners, to turn bold ideas into back-able businesses.

To put it simply, our Venture Studio is a fast-track for entrepreneurs to go from idea to scale. Together we will:

1) Validate ideas
2) Build the MVP and
3) Test, iterate and acquire first customers. 

And when we’re confident that we’ve proven the concept (typically after 6-months), we’ll help you accelerate your launch with an additional cash injection. 

Our latest concept in the Mission Studio (backed by Nesta) is Project Martha.

🧐 What is the concept at high level?

What if we could make it easier for people to access healthy food AND enable more healthy food to access people? 

Our vision is to create a network of fresh food automated “micro markets” underlying an engaging digital customer experience. The ambition for this venture is to be:
A new retail channel for food producers and brands capturing real-time insights
Streamlining access into automated-retail as a distribution channel by broking between site locations, food producers and consumers
A simple way for employers or organisations to subsidise healthy food for their teams
24/7 access to extensive range of fresh and healthy food brands
Distributed national footprint in high traffic locations
Promotions, loyalty and rewards capabilities
Fully managed service; tech, maintenance and stock

⏰ Why now?

The new normal has created new opportunities. Lockdown has driven multiple trends which have changed how, where and when people eat. With this venture we can take advantage of them to succeed. Other reasons to believe:
Fresh food intelligent vending machines & smart fridges are operating successfully at scale in other markets
Employers seeking alternatives to a canteen with the increase in WFH
More food suppliers resulting from people spinning up new independent brands looking for new channels to reach customers
Food brands increasingly interested in this space as rents and wages increase.

🍏 The Impact

This concept has the potential to shift the balance of food availability, with the potential to impact a broad cross section of society if placed in transport hubs, hospitals, educational institutions.

💪 We are looking for a Founder & CEO who will:

    • Execute the successful build and launch of this venture
    • Set a clear vision for the business (including product direction)
    • Activate partnerships and supercharge growth
    • Care deeply about the mission, A Healthy Life
    • Have drive toward working with healthy food brands, distributors, and physical premises such as public institutions
    • Demonstrate ability to hire and retain a world class team beyond the founders
    • Be comfortable fundraising from VCs
    • Everything and anything else that comes with building a venture-backed high Impact startup!

✅ We’ll look to assess on:

    • Deep experience handling operational complexity: multiple partnerships, supply chains, or food development
    • Confidence with digital / technical product development
    • Communication & storytelling
    • Ability to inspire and lead effectively
    • Coachability - you have strong opinions loosely held

💸 Our investment:

    • In 6 months, we'll help you validate, build and launch an MVP. We’ll give you a £50K budget for the first 6 months to pay yourself a salary as well as other necessary costs
    • You get a dedicated team of people from our brilliant operations team (UX, Product, Engineering, Growth Hacking, Talent Acquisition, Fundraising, etc)
    • Once the MVP is launched, we'll incorporate your venture as an independent company and invest £200K into your new business
    • Unparalleled access to our partners and wider network (for life!)Financial & strategic ownership of the new venture.
We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.