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About Tripplo

Tripplo (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg based, South African registered business. Our vision is to
create a new standard for African road freight logistics. There is a growing need across the
African continent for in-country and inter-country goods that need to be transported by road.
Therefore, road freight logistics is pivotal to economies on the African continent. There are
currently some major challenges in the industry such as: high fragmentation, inefficiency,
opaqueness, and unreliability. These problems and many others have resulted in African
economies losing hundreds of billions of dollars yearly.
Tripplo will create the new standard for road freight logistics in Africa by building a software
platform that automates and optimises operations for transporters. Tripplo’s initial focus is
solving problems for transporters (truck owners) which will naturally result in cargo owners and
cargo brokers benefiting immensely. Tripplo will enable transporters to: manage their company
and data compliantly, manage compliance of their fleet in one place, do automated and
comprehensive route plans, get automated trip performance tracking, conduct thorough trip
financial analysis, access in-trip services, access business through a loads marketplace, and
ability to do electronic proof of deliveries.
Whilst other emerging platforms are mainly focus on connecting demand with supply, Tripplo is
mastering each mile of the African road to ensure that movement of goods between different
points on the African continent is as efficient as possible.

Our Culture

Talent is core to the execution of Tripplo’s vision. We value and support each other as a team to
ensure each team member realises their full potential and ultimately deliver quality as a team for
all stakeholders. We therefore welcome a diverse range of opinions, partners, and doers in the
journey. We then ensure that feedback flows consistently, and we continuously improve
ourselves in all we do. We have a strong action-orientation as we harness the window of
opportunity to revolutionise the state of African logistics.
With offices in Johannesburg, we collaborate with teams from different parts of the world,
different cultures, different time zones, and different exposures, making the journey even more

The Role

As a Product Manager you will lead the product development process for the Tripplo software
platform. You’ll play the role of strategist, planner, and executor from a product perspective to
direct Tripplo into a world-class software platform. You will work closely with the founders and
market stakeholders to inform the development of the product.

● Setting the product vision and roadmap
● Successfully kick-off product development, including setting and testing hypotheses,
doing customer research, writing user stories, managing sprints and backlog grooming
● Support the creation of a product development roadmap and contribute to the overall
product strategy
● Manage the execution of the product development roadmap, ensuring that milestones
are met, and progress is made in an ongoing iterative fashion.
● Lead collaboration within Tripplo’s internal team of growth hackers, UX designers and
● Work with the team to build a solid and scalable product management capability
● Collaborate with strategic partner Product Managers to learn and inform growing
Tripplo’s product management capability

● Hands-on experience as a product manager for at least 3 years
● Track record of delivering products to market that solve customer problems
● Have worked directly with developers and designers to deliver products according to
business timelines
● Experience with multiple industries and cultures, preferably with exposure to logistics
and fintech

● Great team player
● Relentlessly resourceful and creative problem solving
● High risk tolerance and boundless ambition
● A collaborative approach and willingness to be wrong
● Self-driven
● Brilliant at bringing together people across functions, countries and cultures
● Passionate about users’ needs
● Industry-agnostic
● Driven by consistent iteration
● Excellent at reducing uncertainty

● You will be working in an exciting start-up environment where you can practise and
harness your creativity and innovation.
● You will have an opportunity to be part of a founding team of a high-potential start-up
with global ambition.
● Tripplo has built very strategic partnerships and is backed by some global organisations
in Africa which you will also have access to.

The Process
● Go through the job description and assess if you fit the requirements,
● Submit your CV, cover letter and other relevant application documentation to and,
● If you fit the criteria, you will take part in a 30-minute telephonic interview,
● If successful, you will be invited to our offices for a 1-hour in-person interview,
● If successful, you will be given a case study for you to solve and present back to Tripplo,
● If successful, Tripplo will conduct reference checks,
● If successful, we will begin offer negotiations and you will receive a formal offer letter,
● If all parties are happy, we will onboard you to become part of our exciting business.