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What's the SponsoAI concept at a high level?

SponsoAI is reinventing event sponsorship, targeting key challenges in the expanding event industry. Our mission is to streamline the event sponsorship process, fostering a dynamic collaboration between event creators and marketers to significantly improve attendee experiences.

Event marketing is crucial for brand marketing teams, yet a third of marketers report that identifying the right sponsorship opportunities ranks among their top challenges, as well as the task of measuring the impact of these sponsorships. Event creators face their own set of challenges: securing funding, generating buzz, and obtaining brand sponsorships often feels as uncertain as a lottery. 

SponsoAI equips event creators with the necessary tools to attract attention and develop enticing partnership proposals, and provides marketers with resources to discover opportunities that align with their strategic and financial goals. We aim to simplify the event and partnership discovery process, creating mutual benefits for event creators, marketers, and attendees alike.

💡 Find out more in the SponsoAI deck here.

Why now?

The event industry is on track to expand to $2.1 trillion by 2032, with global sponsorship spending anticipated to reach $189.5 billion by 2030. This growth presents a prime opportunity to harness data and AI to revolutionize traditional event sponsorship practices, which are often characterized by their lack of transparency, complexity, and inefficiency. As the adoption of AI technology accelerates globally, SponsoAI is at the forefront of transforming event sponsorship, introducing a timely and impactful disruption to the conventional model.

Unfair advantage

SponsoAI is backed by Founders Factory and Pico, a partnership that strategically enhances our capabilities and benefits our customers in numerous ways. This collaboration brings forth a host of advantages, including: 

- Shaping SponsoAI’s product by drawing upon Pico’s invaluable knowledge and experience in events and activation 
- Co-creating novel sponsorship valuation products tailor-made for event creators and brands  
- Working closely with other Founders Factory portfolio start-ups to exchange insights and explore potential partnerships.

The Tech Co-Founder Role

As part of the founding team you will be an instrumental part of shaping the product and business strategy. You will own the tech strategy and manage day-to-day engineering execution. Looking ahead, you will be responsible for helping grow the team and set up the technical capabilities of the business for growth.

Interesting technical challenges include:

    • Developing algorithms and machine learning models to automate the analysis of event sponsorship discovery and valuation
    • Designing and implementing a robust data management system to handle and update large volumes of event related data efficiently, while ensuring data security and privacy
    • Integrating with existing event platforms, CRMS, and tools used by event creators and marketing teams for streamlined data exchange and compatibility
    • Developing AI-driven decision support tools to assist customers and operations teams in facilitating event partnerships
    • Taking charge of platform development, making key decisions on technical architecture and incorporating third-party API integrations
    • Collaborate with the product team to deliver an intuitive user interface that simplifies the complex and fragmented event sponsorship process for users

Responsibilities include:

    • Leading platform development, eventually building the tech team and making crucial decisions on technical architecture
    • Working with the rest of the team to iterate beyond the MVP, enabling us to test, measure and scale our early-adopter customer group
    • Ensuring the systems architecture and infrastructure is scalable and can support growth
    • Feeding into product strategy and commercial goals to identify opportunities to quickly deliver customer value
    • Implementing best practices and leveraging advances in AI/machine learning to enhance the product's capabilities continuously

What we're looking for:

    • Demonstrated ability to deliver product in a tech startup environment and with speed
    • Confident in managing a tech team to develop a web app and skilled in inspiring and building cohesive teams
    • Experience of working within an agile environment 
    • Proficient in API integrations to extract data from multiple sources
    • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and willingness to work across various areas with the resilience to thrive in a startup environment
    • Knowledgeable in the latest AI/machine learning practices and proficient in creatively applying them to web applications
    • Proficient in web frameworks, back-end operations, and deploying to cloud platforms

What's in it for you?

    • Significant equity position in the business as a member of the founding team
    • A salary from the Founders Factory initial investment meaning you don’t have to worry about fundraising early on 
    • Autonomy to build and scale the product according to your vision
    • Hands-on operational support from a team of smart and passionate people from Founders Factory
    • Unparalleled access to Founders Factory partners and wider network (for life!)
    • A unique opportunity to create and grow a scalable business
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