Founder in Residence, CEO (Clarion)

London, United Kingdom /
Studio – Commercial /
Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. Within our incubator, we create entirely new products from scratch and turn promising concepts into prototypes and MVPs. We validate commercial assumptions along the way to attract a full founding team, then spin the new company out as a fully-fledged business.

📈 What is Clarion?

Commercial real estate is one of the largest asset classes in the world, yet it is also one of the most “under-teched”. Asset data is siloed across investors, brokers and data providers, and valuations are often opaque and inaccurate. Moreover, particularly in the current climate, it is crucial for investors to have access to frequent and accurate valuations of their portfolio. 

Clarion is building a state-of-the-art automated valuation model for commercial real assets, to give CRE investors the confidence to make the right investment decisions in the debt and equity markets. Clarion will leverage big data sources such as geospatial data and land registry data, as well as historical asset valuations data to feed a machine learning model for predicting present and future value of asset.

🏘 The Role

We’re looking for a Founder in Residence to lead Clarion, and the deep-tech business that it becomes. As Founder in Residence, you will establish the overarching vision, develop the business model, the product functionality, go-to-market strategy and attract a world-class founding team around you. 

After Clarion’s incubation period, you will become part of the newly created business’s founding team as it spins out of our incubator and joins our accelerator programme. You’ll have a total of £500K funding as well as twelve months of operational support from Founders Factory. 

Specifically, we are looking for those entrepreneurial individuals who are 1) technical AI leaders or 2) strong commercial acumen with a sharp technical intuition.

📋What are the responsibilities?

    • The ultimate success of Clarion and the resulting business, from build and launch through to scale
    • Setting a clear mission and strategy, including product direction and scoping the market for opportunities in order to validate and deliver an MVP
    • Building relationships within the commercial real estate ecosystem
    • Establishing partnerships with real estate brokers and data providers
    • Developing a deep tech scalable B2B business
    • Hiring, motivating and retaining a world-class team
    • Managing project budget through all project phases
    • Driving day-to-day operations and coaching functional teams

⭐ Qualities we'd love to see:

    • A proven track record of bringing ideas to life
    • Experience working with new technologies and digital products, especially in the AI/ML domain
    • Expertise in asset management or real estate sector
    • Understanding of valuation concepts and methodologies
    • Prior experience with fundraising
    • Significant experience in a leadership capacity

💥You are:

    • A Visionary: mission-driven and ambitious, with a clear vision and strategy
    • A Thought Leader: charismatic, expert and at home on a stage; able to form views quickly in the face of new information and articulate them clearly and persuasively
    • A Dealmaker: commercially-minded and able to conceptualise, design, negotiate and close brilliant deals with partners, customers and investors alike
    • A Product Owner: customer-oriented and able to design, manage and market world-class products
    • A Decision-maker: decisive in the face of limited information
    • A Firefighter: calm in the face of unexpected challenges; quick to create, communicate and execute responses
    • A Wearer of Many Hats: you do what it takes to get stuff done