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About Fractional AI

Fractional AI is the dev shop for applied AI. We solve hard AI-driven problems that our customers don't have the resources or know-how to staff themselves – cutting through jargon and flashy demos to get AI into production, fast.

We believe that the most revolutionary impact of generative AI will be helping to automate existing workflows for large enterprises. Automating the most complex workflows - think call centers dealing with confidential health information - requires custom solutions and exceptional talent. Our model ensures the best talent is working on the most challenging automation opportunities.

By joining Fractional AI, you’re stepping onto an in-person, San Francisco based team with the culture of a startup but the thorny, far-reaching engineering puzzles impacting millions of users. We are a curious bunch of doers looking for AI engineers who are smart, nice, and get things done.

About the role

You’ll play a leading role in building and shipping AI applications for our inaugural customers - from understanding customer needs to deploying solutions in their environments - all while shaping our Engineering and broader Fractional culture for the next 100+ engineers.

What you bring to the table:

    • You write exceptional code + deeply care about the craft of coding (4+ years of experience): you build elegant, production-ready code; you have strong proficiency across multiple programming languages 
    • You have a track record building with Large Language Models: you have experience building scalable applications with LLMs, using frameworks such as LangChain, LlamaIndex, etc.
    • You love solving hard, new problems: you are comfortable self-teaching, asking “why?,” and experimenting to solve problems you haven’t seen before
    • You are ‘start-up ready’: you jump in without instruction, embrace a ‘no job too big, no job too small’ mindset, and want to shape strategy and culture
    • You are comfortable talking with users: you deeply care about the user and skillfully navigate user conversations to ensure what we’re building meets their needs
    • You are a great teammate: you are comfortable helping others (and asking for help), you champion integrity in everything, and want to build a one-in-a-career culture of personal growth

You will:

    • Design and develop custom AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers, ensuring seamless integration and scalability
    • Partner with a high-caliber team across the full project lifestyle, from requirements gathering, to prototyping, system design, coding, testing, deployment, and support
    • Actively shape our Engineering and broader company culture - from how we learn, to how we hire, to how we celebrate - you’ll shape how we make Fractional a place we all love working
Why you should (and shouldn’t) join us 

We’re big believers in transparency and know joining a company is a big decision. We’re not the best fit for everyone and try to be clear on what we are and what we’re not so you make the choice that’s right for you. 

Why join Fractional?

Apply, don’t just talk about AI: You’ll have a front row seat to how the world’s leading companies are actually deploying AI solutions – positioning you in the top percentile of AI engineers with the experience building AI applications across this breadth of customers and use cases. Projects range from bespoke RAG applications, to optimizing developer productivity, automating integrations, building AI phone agents, and more.

Solve big, real problems: companies come to us when they can’t solve some of their biggest problems themselves. For you, that means learning everyday, never getting bored or stuck on maintenance, and working across a range of industries, customers, and products.

Learn with and from the best in person: the team is built from multi-time founders and co-founded by Travis May, former CEO of LiveRamp and founder + former CEO of Datavant. Working elbow to elbow in our San Francisco office means things like team lunches, quick brainstorming + pair coding, and the right amount of banter.

Why shouldn't you join Fractional?

Preference for speed over quality: we love hacking things together for a proof of concept (and run regular team hackathons!) but ultimately our code will be put into production in our customers’ environments - you need to enjoy shipping code that’s clean, understandable, and scalable. 

Predictability is important to you: you’ll be working across customers, programming languages, industries and projects, which means you won’t be becoming an expert in the same product suite or serving the same user day after day.

User conversations aren’t your thing: We all have our own preferences - at Fractional, you’ll spend most of your time coding, but you’ll also be closer to the user than other engineering roles. You’ll be directly interfacing with our customer contacts (usually engineers on the customer’s internal team) to ask questions and problem solve. 

Our Values

Overuse AI.
Over "engineer" the culture.

San Francisco, CA (4 days in-person, Fridays remote)


🏦 Competitive Compensation Package: Attractive salary aligned with your experience and skills.
📈 401k with Matching: Invest in your future with our company-matched retirement plan.
🌴 Unlimited PTO: Take the time you need to relax and rejuvenate.
🏥 Exceptional Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage: Comprehensive health benefits to keep you and your family healthy.
🚑 Health FSA: Manage out-of-pocket health expenses effectively.
🚌 Commuter Benefits: Make your travel to work easier and more affordable.
🏥 Life Insurance: Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
🎉 Team Events and Activities: Regular events to build camaraderie and a strong team spirit.

Ready to join us?