Infrastructure Engineer

Paris, France
Email is the universal communication tool for work. It’s where you discuss work, answer questions, and talk to all of your customers, vendors, and partners. But email wasn’t made for business and hasn’t evolved with the way you work with a team. So you’re dropping the ball, missing important context, and relying on many siloed apps that make you less productive as a whole.  

With more than 4,500 customers and $79 million in funding from Sequoia, DFJ and others, Front is reinventing the inbox so people can accomplish more together. We’ve created one place where you communicate internally and externally, gain context about customers and projects, and access all your other tools so you can be more efficient, more fulfilled, and ultimately happier at work.

We are looking for an experienced infrastructure engineer based in Paris to help build, manage, and scale the Front infrastructure. Our platform is 100% cloud based on AWS and run an event-driven architecture in multiple regions.

What will you be doing?

    • Build a new monitoring stack for our API
    • Design and implement a deployment toolchain to allow us shipping code to production in less than 10 mins
    • Move our AWS infrastructure to use spot instances to increase flexibility at a lower cost
    • Instrument our core JS platform 
    • Move our AWS infrastructure to be managed by Kubernetes and Docker
    • Build tools to monitor and manage a 300+ nodes infrastructure
    • Implement a proxy to ensure we can scale up without taking down databases.

What skills and experience do you need?

    • Full professional English proficiency
    • Product mindset, we’re a product company on a mission to “advance how people work” 
    • Strong track record of launching and delivering projects of significant complexity and high level of ambiguity
    • Experience designing and building highly available, large-scale distributed systems
    • Fluency in a dynamic language like Javascript, Python, Ruby, or similar
    • Strong understanding of core internet technologies (e.g. TCP/IP)
    • Advanced Linux systems engineering skills
    • Track record of designing and implementing complex and scalable software services: you should not be afraid of writing code that will decide to start or stop 200 servers


    • Experience as a tech lead/senior software/systems engineer in a distributed environment
    • Experience scaling data stores such as MySQL and Elasticsearch
    • Experience building and scaling business critical infrastructure and services on a cloud environment
    • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker