Email Deliverability Engineer

San Francisco, CA
Email is the universal communication tool for work. It’s where you discuss work, answer questions, and talk to all of your customers, vendors, and partners. But email wasn’t made for business and hasn’t evolved with the way you work with a team. So you’re dropping the ball, missing important context, and relying on many siloed apps that make you less productive as a whole.  

With more than 3,800 customers and $79 million in funding from Sequoia, DFJ and others, Front is reinventing the inbox so people can accomplish more together. We’ve created one place where you communicate internally and externally, gain context about customers and projects, and access all your other tools so you can be more efficient, more fulfilled, and ultimately happier at work.

We are looking for an experienced email deliverability engineer based in San Francisco to help build, manage, and scale the Front outbound email stack.

What will you be doing?

    • Ensure that every email sent from Front arrives in a timely manner
    • Build and improve advanced email features like email tracking, sequences
    • Help improve our email monitoring stack and our anti-spam rules
    • Help make email-specific settings (SPF/DKIM records, Custom SMTP setup) easier to understand for our customers
    • Troubleshoot and resolve bugs and issues, e.g. an email not being delivered to a recipient

What skills and experience do you need?

    • Deep knowledge of the email stack
    • Solid technical foundation on DNS, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
    • Understanding of blacklist/spam trap causes and remediation
    • Experience with advanced email features like VERP
    • Understand the trade-offs in employing different engineering solutions to a problem, valuing pragmatism over idealism
    • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative, and high-growth environment


    • Built deep integrations with an email delivery service like Sendgrid, MailGun, Mandrill or SparkPost
    • Experience with the Gmail or Office 365 APIs
    • Understanding of reputation management tools such as ReturnPath and MxToolbox
    • Experience with anti-spam infrastructure to prevent bad actors from exploiting an email service