Greenhouse Technician

Salinas, CA
Greenhouse Production
Full Time
Front Range Biosciences is a value-driven agricultural biotech company with the mission to improve society by applying science to high-value crops. Our goal is to become a trusted global leader in agricultural technology, coffee, and hemp products using our innovative Clean Stock nurseries, quality breeding programs, and contemporary seed testing and production.  

The Greenhouse Technician position will assist in specific duties to ensure the overall success of the Greenhouse.  Specific duties include: tray filling, transplanting and movement of materials within greenhouse, pruning and general cleaning of plant material.  There is a strong emphasis on productivity, efficiency and employee safety.  Reports to Greenhouse Manager.

Responsibilities & Duties

    • Assists in all greenhouse activities in support of transplanting and growing all crops
    • Tray filling, transplanting, container, equipment cleaning, movement of materials within greenhouse, pruning
    • Work with cleaning products and chemical products
    • Ensures the safe keeping of plant varieties and confidential information
    • Follows company policies and practices while representing the company in an ethical and business - like manner in all interactions with employees, government agencies, growers, etc.
    • Attends training as required by department or company
    • Team lead
    • Performs other duties as assigned and assists other departments as required.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, & Education

    • Bachelor’s Degree in a horticulture program preferred but not required  
    • 1+ years previous experience working in a greenhouse required
    • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred
    • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
    • Ability to work 40 hours/week on a regular schedule (8 hours/day)
    • Ability to work overtime as required (including weekends and holidays)
    • Must desire to and enjoy working in a greenhouse setting
    • Must be detail-oriented, organized, a self-starter, dependable/reliable
    • Ability to understand tasks and goals and have situational awareness
    • Must have good communication skills
    • Ability to use email and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point)
    • Ability to learn databases such as IVS and Biotrack

Physical Requirements

    • Must be able to perform repetitive tasks with both hands with manual dexterity
    • Must be able to perform the following physical tasks: seeing, talking, listening, sitting, stooping, stretching, walking, bending, twisting and reaching
    • Must be able to lift 50 pounds intermittently
    • Must be able to sit and stand for extended periods of time
    • Have the ability to follow safety rules and perform tasks safely
    • Must be at least 18 years old

Environmental Requirements

    • Exposure to pollen, allergens, chemicals
    • Extreme weather conditions including sun and heat
    • Work environment includes, but not limited to, fans, no AC, dirt/gravel, noise, protective gear, water, humidity, warehouse equipment, uneven ground, chemicals, dust, odors, extreme heat