Senior Software Engineer [Rust]

Toronto, Ontario /
Software Development /
Fuel Labs is building the most scalable optimistic rollup in the world. You will be working at the bleeding edge of blockchain scalability R&D designing and building robust blockchain node software powered by a next-generation virtual machine.

Required Experience

    • 7+ years of experience as a software engineer
    • Strong proficiency in RUST/C++, or Golang (or other systems language)
    • Extensive knowledge of Virtual Machines or blockchain node software
    • Native level proficiency in written and oral English
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Prior experience working remotely in a globally distributed team


    • Experience developing or designing P2P distributed systems.
    • Experience with blockchain technologies
    • Experience with financial systems or other high security services.
    • Solidity/smart contract development
    • Consuming and contributing to open source codebases
    • Experience working with agile methodologies (Scrum, CI/CD, TDD, Paired Programming, Gitflow)
    • Background in philosophy