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Why Fuel?

Think of Fuel as a high-performance blockchain Operating System, that provides high throughput without sacrificing decentralization or security. Our platform serves as a comprehensive Rollup OS tailored for the Ethereum network, simplifying the development process for builders around the world.

Fuel VM is parallelized, state minimized and highly interoperable. It combines UTXO’s, Parallelization, Asset Oriented Design, Security, and Interoperability, to create one package which is optimized to solve for the world of Ethereum Rollups.

In short, all the existing limitations when building DeFi protocols are being solved by Fuel.

What We Do
In 2019, we began with the debut of Fuel V1, our first major step toward enhancing Ethereum’s scalability, and since then we've grown to offer a complete Rollup Operating System. We create innovative technologies like the Fuel Virtual Machine, and Sway—a programing language designed specifically for blockchains—that together form a robust environment for developers, with relentless focus on usability. These tools are part of our commitment to optimize and expand Ethereum's potential, for all its users.

Who We Are
The team comprises 75 professionals, including builders formerly from well-known Web3 organizations such as Consensys, Polygon, Polkadot and Ethereum. Our contributors works remotely, hailing from diverse locations globally, and we value curiosity, passion, and accountability in our collaborative efforts.

About This Role

Our Core product is all of the infrastructure, language, and packages that are required for any developer to build smart contracts and applications on top of Fuel rollups.
We need someone who cares deeply about the needs of blockchain developers and infrastructure providers, has seen the shortcomings of other chains from a developer perspective, and needs to fix those issues.
You will be the voice of our developer customers, and a key driver of our project’s success. This is a senior position, with extremely high impact.
Someone who succeeds in this role will likely have the skills to be a Founder, VP of Product or CPO at most web3 or tech startups.

You’ll get to:

    • Dive deep into the needs of Blockchain developers, infrastructure providers and other key stakeholders
    • Drive the future of L2 and L3 Blockchain development, enabling new applications and experiences
    • Set up organizational structures to support the above goals
    • Work with a collaborative team, made of the smartest minds in the industry

Areas of Responsibility

    • Discover, evaluate and represent the needs of Blockchain developers, infrastructure providers, and other key stakeholders for our core products
    • You will drive strategic development of our core blockchain client, our smart contracting language - Sway - and our SDKs, which developers use to interact with and build applications on top of Fuel Rollups. Together, these form the foundation of Fuel's Rollup OS, unlocking performance, state minimization, and interoperability to the L2 Rollup world.
    • Deeply understand the technologies and competitive landscape of blockchains, to be able to develop the right strategic bets both on core technology and end user applications. 
    • Establish, align the company around, and drive execution of the roadmap for major versions of the Fuel Rollup OS core code
    • Own the success of Fuel’s core product
    • Work tightly with engineering, DevRel, growth, edge, and ecosystem teams to achieve the above objectives
    • Drive user and product oriented thinking throughout the organizationBuild organizational processes and muscle to achieve the above objectives in a sustainable way

Required Experience

    • Must have an engineering background 10 years, plus or minus, of experience across product and engineering
    • Success as a Director of Product or higher at a smaller organization; success as a Group Product Manager or higher at a larger organization
    • Empathy and first hand experience of  what developers need from highly available, mission critical applications, release cycles, etc.
    • Successfully launched and managed products that serve developers
    • Have successfully coached and mentored other product managers, or have overseen their work directly
    • Able to build immediate respect with engineers
    • Demonstrated experience driving change within an organization, all the way up to the C-SuiteManagement of both internal teams and vendors
    • Significant experience with Web3 or Crypto a large plus

    • Bonus Points
    • A background in Philosophy
Join Us!
Fuel is a place of innovation and connection—not just online, but in person. We regularly gather to share insights and strengthen our team dynamics, ensuring our passion for innovation translates into real-world solutions.

If you're ready to contribute to making Ethereum more user-friendly and efficient for developers and users alike, we encourage you to apply, and explore how your talents can contribute to our mission.

Are you prepared to shape the future of Ethereum? Discover your role at Fuel, and join us in this unprecedented adventure.