Senior Protocol Engineer

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Fuel is seeking a full-time Senior Protocol Engineer who will work at the bleeding edge of blockchain scalability R&D, designing and building robust blockchain full-node software powered by a next-generation virtual machine.
For this position, we need someone who is equally a thought leader as they are a senior technical professional. Someone who is opinionated, and isn't afraid to give feedback on our existing blockchain architecture and use their extraordinary talent to present new ideas.

You’ll get to:

    • Build brand new blockchain architecture from scratch that isn't pieced together from other blockchains
    • Solve legacy issues/problems existing in other blockchain projects
    • Enabling extremely high throughput and parallelism
    • Continue upgrading and improving the protocol over time, even after the mainnet launch

Areas of Responsibility

    • Working on low-level improvements and optimisations of the Fuel VM
    • Building new protocol features based on specifications changes including but not limited to bridging, fraud proofing, multidimensional pricing, and improving gas efficiency/economic modelling to increase throughput further
    • Building secure and resilient distributed P2P systems
    • Maintaining Fuel after the mainnet launch

Required Experience

    • Solid track record of experience as a software engineer
    • Strong proficiency in Rust (open-source contributions preferred)
    • Deep understanding of virtual machines and/or blockchain node software
    • Experience developing or designing P2P distributed systems