Senior Software Engineer

Minneapolis, MN /
Engineering /
Full Time
/ Hybrid
Our mission is clear and staggeringly important: we're building the manufacturing operating system of the future from the ground up, one that’s engineered to create network effects as we grow. A beautiful, sophisticated quantum leap forward for the most important core industry in the world. 

Manufacturing is important. It’s the fundamental industry on which everything else is built. We take it for granted. In 1989, 35% of the entire software industry was manufacturing systems. Back then, services, hand holding, customization, and consulting were necessary to get the systems to where they are today. What was the first massive burst in productivity from technology has stagnated into incremental diminishing returns and exponentially increasing complexity. We can only continue to add complexity for so much longer until the whole system collapses.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

Manufacturing is important. We must deliver a touch of technological genius to reintroduce simplicity, efficiency, and integration.

C#, Typescript, Angular, Vue (forthcoming)
We value talent over experience
We encourage autonomy over hierarchy
We place small and big bets
We want to build really elegant things that make people want to play with it
We are practical perfectionists


    • Write software
    • Be mentored
    • Mentor others
    • Review code
    • Debate fairly
    • Play pictionary online
    • Make jokes
    • Talk to end users
    • Think of one word buttons where possible

The market tells us we’re on the right track: 12% month-over-month growth but we know to not rest on our laurels and that there's a lot of stuff to build and a huge amount of work to be done. We're looking for people who can stand along side us and work hard to make our dreams become reality in the fastest, smoothest, and best way possible.

If you're someone who is obsessed with making amazing things, being the best, and wanting your work to contribute to something excellent, please reach out.