Sr. Director, Business Intelligence

Playa Vista, CA
Business Operations

The goal of Business Intelligence (BI) at Fullscreen (FS) is to capture the raw data from the four businesses, analyze it and produce actionable information to enable each business unit make informed and analytical business decisions. The goal of the BI system is to spot business problems that need to be addressed, increase operational efficiency, optimizing business processes and improving decision making.

A properly architected BI system fosters analytically driven decisions and will power FS beyond the reach of any of its competitors. Some examples of insights we would gain are:

1. Gain insights into the consumer behavior. We would have the ability to track the lifecycle of a customer from the day we acquire them to the end of the life cycle across business units – SVOD, Rooster Teeth, merchandise purchased, live shows attended, the K factor, the number of FS’s network channels subscribed to.

2. Gain insights into what the inflection point is when a Creator becomes a Talent. Is it driven by the number of subscribers, the number of content produced by the Creator, the number of ad units placed, the kind of content?

3. Better insight into top talent and how to what kind of brands would be interested in them.

4. Better insight into what drives custom content and advertising campaigns.

5. How the Talent business help Creators sell more merchandise?

6. What are the factors that make Live Events more profitable?

Reporting to CTO and CFO, the Director of BI is a very important strategic position with four broad responsibilities; Data Warehouse, Data Analysis, Visualization, and Data Science.


    • Data Warehouse (DW) engineering.  This team takes the data from multiple sources and ingests into the data warehouse.  The DW is the central historical repository for FS and is the source of truth.  DW engineers should know how to create ETL and model the DW database for fast retrieval. The DW contains the data from all businesses.
    • Data Analysis.  This is the group that works with business units, finance, executives to get the data and analytics that are required. The work they perform is categorized as ad-hoc reports.  The stakeholders know what they want but can’t get it from the dashboard and hence ask the analysts.  Data analysts work with the engineering team to ensure that the code is properly instrumented and that the analytics events actually flow into the data warehouse. To that end, they work with engineering and quality assurance team. Each business unit has a dedicated team of analysts.
    • Visualization. This is the group that takes the work of data analysts and puts it in Tableau dashboard.  FS is a creative organization and the Tableau dashboard reflects the creativity that is evident throughout the organization. The dashboard should be easy to get to and intuitive to use. The user is able to go back in time to retrieve historical data and is easily able to slice the data to cohorts as required.
    • Data Science.  This team reports into the BI Director and have a dotted line relationship into the business unit. They work with the GM of each unit and produce predictive modeling, of consumer, talent and brand behavior. The goal is to identify opportunities to enhance the business before the business knows about it.  Each business unit has a team of data scientists.


    • Undergraduate degree in Finance or Mathematics from a reputed school.
    • Has managed all the four disciplines in the past. 
    • Must be an expert in at least one of the areas.
    • Must be an expert in SQL.
    • Must have worked with petabytes of data and the infrastructure must have scaled seamlessly as the data size increased.  The four disciplines were not stifled because of the increase in data.
    • An organizational wizard.  Should have setup and managed a BI team for a large organization of at least 10 people.
    • Clear analytical thinking and is able to quantify a problem.
    • Clear, succinct communicator who is comfortable proactively communicating to the upper management, peers and subordinates.
    • Understands the difference between traditional RDBS and a DW.  Ideally must have worked on both systems.
    • A business minded senior leader who understands FS’s diverse businesses and is able to hold his ground while interacting with the business units.
    • Must have established an automated pipeline for ad-hoc reports.
    • Can communicate effectively with business leaders to understand, prioritize and help define business requirements.

Perks + Benefits

    • Flexible dress code
    • Kitchen stocked with snacks
    • Pet Insurance
    • Catered meal on Fridays
    • Health, dental and vision benefits
    • 401(k) with a company match
    • Generous paid time off each year
    • Both paid maternity time and paid paternity time

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