Creative Content Manager

Playa Vista, CA
Brand Group – Brand Services

●  Lead content ideation and steward execution on campaign(s), delivering impactful and effective social content. 
●  Elevate the ideas and concepts that will be executed across assigned campaigns. 
●  Collaborate with the art director on a campaign’s visual direction. 
●  Lead production for custom shoots and live events. 
●  Have a strong POV in the digital creative space, creative concepting, and social media. 
●  Keep up with the latest trends of creative and technology in the social an​d digital space. 
●  Collaborate with the team (both creative and accounts) with any / all needed tasks and 

●  Participate in relevant kickoff, internal and client calls and meetings. 
●  Lead and contribute in brainstorm sessions from an audience-first POV. 
●  Serve as the liaison between the Account and Creative Execution. 
●  Ideate and execute big picture concepts and creative strategies for new clients, tent pole 
moments, and initiatives -- at all times. 
○  Lead all brainstorming sessions for production projects and campaigns.
 ○  Help with curation of mood-boards for campaigns. 
moments, and initiatives -- at all times. 
○  Lead all brainstorming sessions for production projects and campaigns. ○  Help with curation of mood-boards for campaigns. 
●  Work closely with the Creative Team to ensure the work aligns with established campaign / brand strategy. 
○  Stay in close communication with Creative Lead for each project. 
○  Work with Copywriters / Art Directors to uphold and revise creative direction and brand 
●  Support a strong relationship with the client alongside Accounts. 
○  Attend relevant client meetings and calls and presentations and lead calls as needed. 
○  Articulate high-level creative strategy to clients and the internal team. 
○ Provide creative support to the client alongside the Art Director.
●  Partner with the production team for relevant production shoots:
○  Be present at all relevant video and photography shoots to assist in execution and oversee creative vision.
○  Advise on all video, photography, hands-on, set design projects and beyond.
●  Hold a strong understanding of best practices for creative in the social and digital space.
●  Manage multiple projects at once and prioritize tasks with pressing deadlines and client needs.
●  Create decks and execute in Keynote and G-Suite when necessary.
●  Excellent written and verbal communication skills to be effective in conveying clear feedback.
●  Other duties as assigned.
●  Due to the ever-changing nature of social media and the creative work we perform,​ all teammembers​ are expected to be adept and flexible in their duties.
●  It is up to the Director and Manager to establish clear assignments and responsibilities ​for the team,​ using this description as a guide.