Research Engineer - Multi-View Machine Learning

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Fyusion is a machine learning & computer vision company that enables anyone to capture and display interactive 3D 360 images using their smartphone. Our unique 3D format allows for significant additional functionality that 2D images can’t offer, including: background image effects & automatic damage detection for cars, and an understanding of the human skeleton for tagging products & features in fashion E-commerce. Our investors and customers include large international conglomerates and industry leaders, which puts us in a unique and advantageous position. We have ambitious goals and are looking for new energetic team members to help us reach them together. 

The research team at Fyusion develops and applies state of the art algorithms in visualization, 3D reconstruction, SLAM, bundle adjustment, state estimation, and sensor fusion. We are looking for candidates who are excited about solving complex problems at the intersection of classical 3D geometry and Deep Learning. You will have the resources and opportunities to publish your work at major conferences. 

Here's the day-to-day:

    • Develop, test, and deploy ML models for various computer vision tasks.
    • Robust exploratory/experimental skills. We have the largest multi-view dataset in the industry and are using both single- and multi-view visual data within our algorithms.
    • Maintain insight into trends and advances in machine learning.
    • Implement and advance models from the research community, including literature surveys and implementing novel techniques from research papers.
    • Work as part of a team and contribute to a common code base.
    • Create and maintain datasets for machine learning tasks. Manage data pipelines for training ML models on data uploaded by Fyusion customers.
    • Define evaluation procedures for the developed algorithms.
    • Demonstrate engineering skills. This is a hybrid research/engineering role. You'll be responsible for productionizing your pipelines/models and integrating them against our back-end services.
    • Participating in the engineering life-cycle at Fyusion, including designing systems, writing production code, conducting code reviews and working alongside our design, engineering, and QA teams.

Here's what we are looking for:

    • BS/MS in Computer Science, or a related field.
    • Proficient in Python (Pytorch or Tensorflow).Experience with machine learning using visual data is required.
    • Experience with 3D geometry and/or multi-view data is a plus.
    • Experience in C++ is a plus.
Here's what we can offer you:

A competitive compensation, equity packages, health, vision and dental benefits with premiums paid by Fyusion, generous PTO plan, company holidays (including your birthday), and the chance to be part of a pioneering technology team!

Fyusion is currently allowing employees to work from home during the global pandemic, but we are excited to move into our brand new office in SF soon. We will continue to offer these amazing perks when we are all back in the office: commuter benefits, company catered lunches, a fully stocked snack pantry, tons of company off-sites, and a pup friendly workplace and the most exciting,

If you read this job description and saw your name all over this, apply! If you read this, and think that you might need some help hitting all of the points, please apply! We have an entire team who is happy to help and share our knowledge with you.

The benefits do not apply to contract or internship positions.