Digital Marketing Manager

Tokyo, Japan
Game Closure is on the hunt for a Digital Marketing Manager to work in our Tokyo office, you may know us from our hit games on LINE Quick Games; Battle Cats Galaxy and Fishing Star, to name a few. We're a fast growing global company doing big things, so you'll be working on a wide range of tasks; Ads, Analytical tools,mobile apps, etc. You will work with top tier artists and engineers to make your dent in the mobile universe!

The Digital Marketing Manager will work as part of the marketing team that includes developers and other marketers that work together with other product teams both external and internal. The Digital Marketing Manager is part of a team that is operating in a completely new environment with ambiguity and will work to maximize the effectiveness of our ad campaigns to drive to our portfolio of game titles.

Game Closureでは現在デジタルマーケティングオペレーションズプロジェクトメンバーと協力しながらゲームのプロモーション業務を担当し、主に広告運用にて包括的なマーケティングプランの戦略策定、実行を担っていただきます。

Key Responsibilities (仕事内容):

    • Operate ad campaigns for multiple products across multiple traffic sources simultaneously
    • Coordinate with the design team to produce creatives for the ad campaigns
    • Provide regular reports on the performance of ad operations
    • Provide regular constructive feedback to product teams based on data from analytics tools and ad performance
    • Manage relationships with traffic partners

    • 複数のアドネットワークやツールベンダーとの協業
    • アドネットワークの広告枠の調整·事業社交渉 
    • アートチームと効果的な広告クリエイティブの企画制作
    • パフォーマンスデータの集計·分析 

Minimum Qualifications (応募資格):

    • Bachelor’s degree or greater
    • A positive and constructive attitude
    • Drive to solve problems and deliver results
    • Able to work with minimal direction and drive new initiatives forward independently together with external teams
    • Able to react and adapt quickly to changes
    • Able to work as part of a multi-cultural team spread across several continents and timezones
    • 2+ years of experience running digital ads on Facebook, Google Ads, or similar digital ad platforms
    • Written and verbal fluency in English and Japanese - business-level or better
    • Mastery of analytical tools including spreadsheet software
    • Experience managing projects from beginning to end

    • 4年生大学卒業以上 
    • 二年以上の広告運用経験(Google,Facebook,その他媒体)
    • 自ら課題を見つけスピーディーに解決策を打てる方 
    • ビジネスレベル以上の日本語·英語力
    • 常にチーム全体の最適化を考えて行動し、管理能力に長けた方  
    • 強い好奇心を持って広く物事を学び、柔軟に行動できる方
    • 分析ツール利用経験  
    • プロジェクトマネジメント経験

Preferred Qualifications (歓迎条件):

    • HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge
    • Programming experience/knowledge
    • Experience working with/in technology startups or game companies
    • Experience working at an advertising agency
    • Strong connections throughout the ad ecosystem
    • Experience with mobile app ad campaigns as well as campaigns to  web-based properties

    • HTML, CSS, Javascript の知識
    • プログラミングの経験·知識
    • ベンチャーIT企業での経験
    • 広告代理店での経験
    • アプリの広告運用の経験