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Our Vision 
As one of the world’s top 10 (and rising🚀) digital asset exchanges, we provide a best- in-class experience in trading, security, and blockchain product innovation. 
We aim to democratize access to the markets for all, making it possible for the most recent and promising cryptocurrency projects to be listed and traded safely and securely. Are you excited to join a decentralizing force in the world? 


    • 1. 建立、梳理、维护渠道合作信息, 持续追踪和核算转化数据。
    • 2. 跟踪和分析渠道合作效果,包括活动数据、参与度和转化等关键指标,为活动优化和商务维护提供依据。
    • 3. 协调跨部门合作,确保活动顺利进行,包括与商务、产品、技术、活动等部门的沟通和协作。
    • 4.收集新代理商和沉默资源,按照策略筛选、分配、追踪资源维护情况。


    • 1. 大学本科及以上学历,市场营销、商业管理、金融科技或相关领域。
    • 2. 1年以上的项目管理、 财务审计或商务运营经验,有加密货币、金融科技、财务审计相关或互联网行业背景者优先。
    • 3. 具备优秀的项目管理和协调能力,能够平衡好紧急重要任务的优先级,能够在快节奏的环境中有效管理多个资源。
    • 4. 对数据分析和用户行为有深刻理解,能够利用数据驱动决策和产品优化。
    • 5. 强烈的责任心和团队合作精神,具备良好的沟通和协调能力,能够与不同背景的团队成员有效合作。
    • 6. 对加密货币和区块链技术有浓厚的兴趣,愿意不断学习和适应行业的快速变化。
    • 7.良好的沟通能力,闭环沟通, 主动反馈任务卡点和需要的资源支持。
We are 
A values-based culture that trusts your knowledge, vision, and autonomy, we focus on taking the best products and campaigns to wow our customers and bring the freedom of decentralization to every part of the world. 
Integrity, insight, innovation, purpose and cooperation are inscribed within our culture. At Gate, we are committed to GateStyles and we are looking for candidates who also exhibit the same values. 

Gate.io, founded in 2013, is one of the pioneering cryptocurrency exchanges and offers services worldwide related to the trading of multiple leading digital assets. With millions of registered users, it is considered one of the safest and most reliable global cryptocurrency platforms, consistently ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges based on liquidity and trading volume (CoinGecko). Additionally, Gate.io has been verified by Blockchain Transparency.