AV Field Operations Lead

Palo Alto, CA
If you’re passionate about developing Autonomous Vehicles (AV), have earned the qualifications below, and see yourself as a lifelong learner who enjoys building initiatives from the ground-up – consistently curious and boasting a proven track record of delivering complex projects at the intersection of fleet management and technology – this position may be a great fit for you!

The Field Operations Lead is responsible for day-to-day operational planning, delivery, monitoring and reporting for Gatik’s AV operations across North America. They’re a maverick, capable of sporting multiple hats simultaneously while providing exceptional hands-on and supervisory operational leadership to meet customer needs, while driving autonomous technology development. 

You will launch and maintain testing and client-facing operational sites with multiple vehicles and personnel across North America. You will lead a team of Autonomous Vehicle Operators (AVOs), and  collaborate with a team of AV researchers and engineers with domain expertise in AI, robotics and computer vision to support the safe development and deployment of AVs.


    • Drive a culture of safety first across all aspects of the role
    • Lead the recruitment, training and retention of quality AVOs into the fleet
    • Monitor AVO’s performance, ensuring a high level of customer service
    • Develop efficient AVO schedules to maximize resources
    • Manage AVOs so they provide on-going feedback, adhere to schedules, and support with vehicle maintenance tasks
    • Establish and maintain multiple operational sites across North America, including drafting, delivering and continuous improvement of standard operating procedures (SOPs) – ensuring all aspects of field operations are running smoothly
    • Travel to operational sites across North America for up-to multi-weeks stays as needed – stays may be as long as required when setting up new sites and getting them operationally smooth
    • Support with maintaining detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection
    • Support with scheduling regular vehicle maintenance to ensure operational efficiency
    • Support with maintaining strict servicing and maintenance times to minimize downtime and maintain schedules
    • Analyze data to increase operational efficiency
    • Assess AVOs’ performance and track vehicles on an on-going basis


    • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Logistics, Transportation Management, Fleet Management, and/or related field/work experience
    • 3+ years of experience managing a fleet of multiple vehicles with multiple operators
    • Knowledge of vehicle engine, drive train, frame and body, suspension and steering, braking, exhaust, and ignition systems
    • Basic knowledge of common vehicle electrical and networking systems (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, etc.)
    • Experience in managing multiple human and operational assets in an additive fashion
    • Preference will be given to candidates with a strong engineering background, ideally working across a broad range of technologies and ability to think and communicate at a “system level”

Bonus Points

    • Experience proactively planning for and mitigating possible risks
    • Knowledge of Linux and real-time operating systems is an asset
    • Experience successfully delivering in a fast-paced, often changing environment
    • Comfort with addressing - hands-on or through delegation - any operational gap regardless of how small and tactical, or large and strategic they might be
    • Comfort in preparing and presenting results to a cross-functional audience
    • Comfort in taking on new tasks and challenges as required
Gatik is developing autonomous light trucks and vans for business to business (B2B) short-haul logistics. Our autonomous vehicles reduce the high cost of urban logistics, while improving safety, increasing efficiency, reducing congestion and emissions, and allowing businesses to best serve the community. We’re looking for top talent that shares our passion and wants to be part of a fast moving execution-oriented team.

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