Battery Research Intern - Summer 2024 co-op

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GBatteries was founded nine years ago to tackle one of the world’s most pressing issues: the transition to a cleaner future through electrification. We are pioneering battery technology which enables ultra-fast charging of Li-ion batteries without compromising battery life — and without changing the battery’s chemistry or manufacturing process. Ultimately, our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles.
We are working on some of the biggest challenges in energy storage, and are looking for the right people to join us as we develop our technology and continue to scale.

As a battery research intern this summer, you'll be working within the R&D team, assisting with fast charging algorithm research for the next generation high energy density lithium-metal and lithium-ion cells. You will conduct electrochemical tests and analyze experimental data for batteries materials development, investigate and recommend material and cell chemistry optimizations for LMB prototype cells. You will also be assisting our research scientists with data collection and literature review, and assemble test cells and synthesize battery materials.
You’ll join a small but growing R&D team where everyone—including our interns—is striving to constantly improve their knowledge of infrastructure, systems, and cares about creating dependable products. While we are still growing and have plenty to do, we are incredibility supportive of each other and pitch in to support our peers when problems arise.
•    Autonomy: There's no red tape on what technology frameworks you can use, or what language you should be coding in. We believe in using the best tool(s) for the job, and learning any new ones along the way.
•    Scope: You won't be adding small features to a monolithic codebase; you will be building entire products from start to finish. Your team members will recognize you for the products you build and the impact these products have on their workflow. You will have the opportunity to identify the business needs for a particular product, work through the development life cycle, and interact with your customers directly.
•    Interesting Problems: Much of what we do is in uncharted territories. As a result, we are often posed with interesting and challenging engineering problems, which will encourage you to prototype, iterate, and innovate. It's part of the company culture to encourage crazy ideas, and celebrate failures as learning opportunities. Many of the design problems you will encounter won't have answers on Google or Stack Overflow, they will encourage you to come up with unique approaches and strengthen your design thinking.
•    Growth: Working at a start-up is a great way to supercharge your skillset, and accelerate your learning. You will be put in a fast-paced environment where you're always working at the bleeding edge of technology.
Must haves:
·      Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Materials Engineering
·      Solid experience working in a chemical laboratory during your studies or co-op terms
·      Ability to analyze, present and document experimental data
·      Knowledge of safety procedures and hands-on experience in a chemical laboratory
Nice to haves:
·      Proficiency in programming with emphasis on data analysis (e.g. Python/MATLAB).
·      Knowledge of material science, electrochemistry and/or inner workings of lithium-ion batteries.
·      Experience with Molecular Dynamics simulation (e.g., using LAMMPS, VMD, MDAnalysis)
·      Understand the scope of our battery materials research and development.
·      Learn how to work with our testing infrastructure.
·      Study the principles of battery degradation and how they relate to battery materials.
·      Support research scientists by identifying latest trends in battery materials via literature reviews.
·      Design and execute experiments to investigate and improve our fast-charging algorithms.
·      Offer critical analysis of our experimental findings and recommend improvements to our cell chemistry.
We are working on many exciting projects towards our ultimate goal of breaking down the final barrier preventing the adoption of electric vehicles; range anxiety. We’re a growing company working with some of the largest manufacturers in the world, and there’s still a huge amount to do. You’ll be able to see the impact of your work from day one and have the opportunity to see the final effect on real world products. We encourage unconventional thinking and seek resilient problem solvers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.
Of course, we also offer other great benefits:
Inclusive parking, a renovated and spacious office, and fridge and pantry filled with drinks and snacks. We’re conveniently located near the 417 highway with easy access via major public transit routes, right beside a small park and an assortment of shops and restaurants.
Is the idea of enabling the global mass adoption of electric vehicles exciting to you? We’d love to hear from you! To apply please include a short message addressed to Henry Rearden within the application below; no cover letter necessary.
We particularly value diversity, and we know that experience comes in many forms. If your unique experience is close to what we’re looking for, please still consider applying.