Mobile Developer

Venice, CA
About Gem

Gem is a cryptocurrency and blockchain startup based in Venice Beach. Our mission is to empower individuals to take full control of their wealth, to benefit from the value of their own data, and to experience the collective power of the decentralized movement spreading globally today.

To get a quick glimpse of the app, here is the product trailer:

Find our app in the app store here:

The Role

Gem's Mobile Software Engineer will be passionate about building dynamic consumer-facing applications and takes pride in producing high-quality, maintainable code. Our engineers are involved in all parts of the product life cycle: feature ideation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and deployment. This person will be primarily responsible for the architecture, implementation, and maintenance of our core product, a cross-platform React Native-powered mobile application.

Watch our webinar on our key design challenges and technical considerations we had when building the mobile app!

Technologies we use

Our frontend stack is composed of ES6, Typescript, CSS modules, React, React Native, Firebase (Cloud Datastore), RealmDB, Webpack, TSLint, Jest, Wix Detox, Git, and of course iOS and Android.

What you’ll do

- Craft features of the mobile cryptocurrency app that will impact millions of users
- Implementation of application logic and UI for our core mobile application.
- Implementation of native modules in Java and Swift/Objective-C.
- Collaborate with Product Designers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers to deliver compelling user-facing products.

What you’ll need

-Strong background in CS fundamentals (algorithms, data structures…)
- 5+ years experience in building usable high-performance mobile applications on both the Android and iOS platforms
- 1+ years experience building production applications using React Native
- JavaScript experience, including concepts like event-driven programming, closures, type systems, ES6, and of course the rapidly-changing Javascript toolchain ecosystem.
- Modern HTML/CSS experience, including concepts like layout, specificity, cross-browser compatibility and accessibility
- To be a perfectionist who makes sure every pixel is in the right place

Nice to have
- Familiarity with Gradle, fastlane
- Derision for Eclipse ;)
- Opinions about design/UI/UX

It's difficult to figure out what a company is like based on a job description, so we hope this helps:

- Here is a video to get a peek into what the Gem office is like.
- This is our Instagram where you can learn more about the team.
- To read articles on employee life and hear about our benefits, check out our profile on Built in LA.
- Speak directly to the Gem team by joining our Telegram channel.


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