Engineering Manager (San Francisco)

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At Generally Intelligent, we care deeply about our team members personal and individual growth. This role is about supporting and enabling our engineers to grow in the ways that they are excited to grow. You will be focused on mentoring other developers, performing code review, pair programming, and generally unblocking people so that they can do their best work. You will help onboard new hires, conduct interviews, and develop cultural best practices to create a truly world-class team.


Mentoring other engineers, especially junior team members.
Unblocking individuals. You will be responsible for ensuring that anything that gets in the way of other engineers gets resolved, whether it is a personal issue or a technical one.
Performing code review and providing feedback so that other engineers can continually hone and improve their craft.
Conducting lots of technical interviews.
Onboarding new team members, improving that process, and ensuring that new team members feel welcome, safe, and included.

You are

Highly empathetic. We like everyone to feel comfortable and able to contribute, and you will be a key contributor to that feeling of safety.
An experienced software developer from whom other engineers are excited to learn.
Interested in people and culture. You are excited about using and investing in the softer skills that management requires.
Knowledgeable about machine learning. You don’t need to be a world-famous published researcher, but you should be comfortable with training deep neural networks and much of the latest machine learning theory and practice.


Work directly on creating software with human-like intelligence.
Generous compensation, equity, and benefits.
$20K+ yearly budget for self-improvement: coaching, courses, conferences, etc.
Actively co-create and participate in a positive, intentional team culture.
Spend time learning, reading papers, and deeply understanding prior work.
Frequent team events, dinners, off-sites, and hanging out.

How to apply

All submissions are reviewed by a person, so we encourage you to include notes on why you're interested in working with us. If you have any other work that you can showcase (open source code, side projects, etc.), certainly include it! We know that talent comes from many backgrounds, and we aim to build a team with diverse skillsets that spike strongly in different areas.

We try to reply either way within a week or two at most (usually much sooner).

Learn more about our full interview process here.

About us

We started Generally Intelligent because we believe that software with human-level intelligence will have a transformative impact on the world. We’re dedicated to ensuring that that impact is a positive one.

We have enough funding to freely pursue our research goals over the next decade, and our backers include Y Combinator, researchers from OpenAI, Astera Institute, and a number of private individuals who care about effective altruism and scientific research.

Our research is focused primarily on self-supervised and generative video and audio models. We’re excited about opportunities to use simulated data, network architecture search, and good theoretical understanding of deep learning to make progress on these problems. We take a focused, engineering-driven approach to research.