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At Generation, we believe in the power of employment to change lives. We are a global nonprofit organization that supports adults to achieve economic mobility through employment. Generation trains and places adult learners of all ages into careers that are otherwise inaccessible, working in partnership with governments, employers, and other system actors. We also conduct original research and share data insights on high priority global workforce transition topics to inform decision-making by workforce system stakeholders. Launched in 2015, Generation comprises a global hub (Generation You Employed, or GYE) and a network of in-country affiliates. To date, the network has 100,000+ graduates and 11,000+ employers across 46 professions and 17 countries.  

When learners join Generation, 91% are unemployed, of which nearly half are long-term unemployed.  Three months after completing our program, graduates have an 78% job placement rate, rising to 88% within six months. Of our employed graduates, 68% are hired by repeat employers who have previously hired Generation graduates, and 89% are in jobs directly related to the profession for which we have trained them. Employed graduates immediately earn an average of 3-4X their previous earnings.  Two to five years after graduation, 77% of our alumni from upper-middle income countries continue to meet their daily financial needs and 63% can save for the future. To date, Generation’s global graduates have earned more than $1 billion in wages. Generation graduates typically have a secondary school background, 54% are female, 34% have dependents, and the majority identify with underrepresented communities in their country. 

We are looking for a dynamic and experienced person in the tech sector, motivated by Generation's mission and driven by the objective of helping everyone to start a new professional career.

1. Facilitation of the "Web-Developer” training (in online/hybrid format) based on existing content (80% of the time)
* Provide quality, effective, rigorous, relevant and adapted training to adult learners
*Become familiar with and follow the course of the program as designed by Generation
*Ensure the involvement and active participation of our learners in the training program
*Take into account the feedback and results of learners and adapt your teaching accordingly
*Monitor, integrate and respond to learners' contributions and requests on our communication channels (e.g. Slack)
*Monitor and manage attendance of learners through our digital tools (Salesforce)
*Conduct assessments and report data on our traceability tools and report progress regularly 
*Share feedback with the Generation team and implement the recommendations to guarantee quality training for our learners
*Effectively use digital tools such as Teams, Replit and GDrive to perform daily instructional tasks

2. Activities peripheral to the training (20 % of the time):
*Build strong and trusting relationships with learners, develop a detailed knowledge of their strengths and challenges while ensuring a caring learning environment
*Support and motivate learners to be resilient in their professional as well as personal journeys
*Work actively and in close collaboration with the Generation team to identify and effectively counter potential obstacles to the success of learners and their integration into the professional environment
*Participate in the organization of the cohort launch
*Attend onboarding sessions as agreed with the management team before cohort launch
*Take part of coaching cycles determined per management with specified cadence; this could include instructional team meetings, coaching conversations, participating in communities of practice and/or take part of specific professional development activities for upskilling such as attending workshops/trainings
About You
1. At least 1 year of experience working in a software development role such as: Software Engineer, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, Full-stack Developer, JavaScript Developer

2. Solid knowledge of technical topics, in particular:
*Programming (Variables, Data Types, Control Flow, Functions, Web APIs)
*Linux (SSH, Structure of a terminal command, Unix File System Permissions, Vim and Grep, Systemd, Enterprise Linux, etc.)
*General Computing (Binary and Hexadecimal arithmetic, Units of measurement for data, CPU Architectures and Instruction Sets, Computer Hardware
*Cloud Computing essentials
*Networking (TCP/IP stack including Packet Switching (compared to earlier forms of switching), Ethernet Frames and MAC Addresses, IP Packets, Addresses and Subnets, TCP and UDP, DNS and HTTP)
*Security (Passwords, Attack surfaces and vulnerabilities, Authentication vs Authorisation, Firewalls and NAT)
*Software development in JavaScript
*Application development (including testing and debugging)

3. Experience as a professional adult trainer essential

4. Strong command of digital tools is key, in particular: 
*Google Workspace 
*Microsoft Teams (for education), including whiteboard, polls and breakout rooms options
*Online Integrated Development Environments such as Replit

5. Excellent communication skills (writing + oral expression), using communication online tools like Slack and emails