Research Associate - Cell-based pharmacology

San Diego, CA /
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Genesis Therapeutics is pioneering artificial intelligence guided rational drug design to address severe unmet medical needs for patients. Our lab in San Diego is recruiting associate scientists with experience in cellular, biochemical or biophysical techniques. Specifically, we are seeking candidates to prosecute plate-based pharmacology, cell culture, enzymology, cell engineering and drug discovery experimental plans for our rapidly advancing pipeline. Education requirements include a bachelor’s or master’s of science with specific focus in one or more of the following disciplines: cell signaling, cell physiology, protein biochemistry, cancer biology and immunology. This is a full-time position in a fast-paced biotech environment with a collegial group of high level colleagues working towards well-defined goals. Full medical and dental benefits, flexible work hours/vacation included in this opportunity to learn all aspects of biotech start-up.

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Key Responsibilities

    • Design, optimize, develop, and routinely execute robust immuno-based screening assays (ELISA, MSD, HTRF) and functional cell screening assays (Cyquant, CTG, Incucyte) for medium and high throughput assays in 2D & 3D formats. 
    • Program, validate, and operate liquid-handling automation (Biomek Liquid handler, Multidrop Combi, Integra Viaflo & Voyager) for 96-well and 384-well plate-based assays and use plate readers (Celigo, BioTeK Synergy) for data generation.
    • Maintain, bank, and inventory multiple mammalian immortalized cancer cell lines (adherent & suspension) using proficient aseptic technique.
    • Perform data analysis using excel, prism and other software.
    • Maintain electronic notebook entries and routine data reporting.
    • Present work in various group, project team, and departmental meetings.

Qualification & Experience

    • A bachelor’s or master’s of science in biology.
    • Individual will be highly motivated, highly productive, and goal-driven with some experience in in vitro cell pharmacology, preferably from a preclinical small molecule oncology SAR drug discovery environment.
    • A preferred candidate will have knowledge in the field of cell signaling, cell physiology, protein biochemistry, cancer biology and/or immunology, as well as method development, and scientific technologies.
    • A preferred candidate will have experience using lab automation and high-throughput instrumentation, as well as ability to QC and analyze data. 
    • Individual must have high attention to detail to ensure reliable and reproducible data generation and can effectively communicate results.