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Chemistry /
Genesis Therapeutics is seeking highly motivated and capable synthetic organic chemists who will contribute to our drug discovery goals at our new San Diego research facility. We are seeking an experienced Bachelor’s or Master’s-level medicinal chemist with excellent organic synthesis expertise. This is a laboratory-based position and the successful candidate(s) will partner with the medicinal chemistry team to generate solutions to advance our small molecule drug discovery projects. This position also allows the successful candidate(s) the opportunity to understand more about how artificial intelligence can play a role in the discovery process and learn from a group of seasoned drug discovery scientists.

RESPONSIBILITIES - Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:

    • Utilize synthetic organic chemistry procedures, including the development of modular syntheses, for rapid analog generation and efficient scalable routes for preclinical candidates
    • Quickly and efficiently synthesize medicinal chemistry targets within a given project
    • Actively participate in scientific discussions and present results in chemistry team meetings
    • Adhere to all safety, scientific record keeping, and compliance requirements
    • Take responsibility for various day to day lab operations and equipment upkeep/maintenance

EXPERIENCE – Minimum Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years industrial experience as a synthetic organic chemist or Master’s degree in synthetic organic chemistry
    • Solid knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry reaction mechanisms, reactivity, synthesis planning and execution
    • Demonstrable independent thinking and lab skills
    • Familiarity with a wide range of reactions, demonstrable multi-step synthesis experience, purification and characterization of organic compounds (NMR and mass spectroscopy)
    • Effective communication skills (oral and written) in presentations to project team and other stakeholders
    • Self-motivated, organized and collaborative
About Genesis Therapeutics

Genesis is pairing proven drug developers with the industry’s most advanced AI platform for small molecule discovery. Genesis originated in deep learning research at a top AI lab at Stanford and has since been joined by some of the world's most accomplished drug discovery & development scientists and biotech entrepreneurs. Leveraging bleeding edge artificial intelligence written from the ground up to more comprehensively represent the interaction of molecules with proteins and their conformational flexibility, we accelerate the drug discovery process through more informed decision making and insight.