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  • If you were referred by a Getaround team member for this position, please provide the name of your referrer.

Written Evaluation: Look at the 6 email inquiries below and write your responses in email format. How would you respond to the customer's inquiry? Be as concise as possible and explain Getaround policies using your own words (do not copy/paste).

  • You will need a thorough understanding of our policies to complete this evaluation. The links below are helpful. It is recommended that you read and check off all of them before constructing your answers.
  • Owner Eligibility: Hi there. I’m interested in signing up my car (it’s a 2014 Honda Civic with 75,000 miles). Can I do that? I live in Los Angeles.
  • Improper return: My last renter left my car .5 miles from the home location. Can I be paid for the inconvenience?
  • Parking Citation: I received a parking citation in the mail from one of my Getaround renters for not turning their wheels when they parked the car on a hill. How will Getaround help me deal with this citation? It is not my fault the renter forgot to curb the wheels!
  • Renter Eligibility: I really want to try Getaround when I visit Chicago! I’m 20 years old, and have a clean driving record from Alaska. Am I eligible to rent with Getaround?
  • Renter Inquiry: I think someone hit the Getaround car I rented while it was parked during my rental. Am I responsible for anything? What should I do?
  • Owner Inquiry: Can people rent my personal vehicle through Getaround to Drive with Uber? Do they still have to refill the tank like regular renters?

Grammar Evaluation: Please select the best answer for each question below.

  • Getaround ____ expanding to more cities in 2018.
  • Multiple ______ have reported missing fuel.
  • We have numerous fleet partners at Getaround. _______ crucial to the expansion of Getaround.
  • The renter never called me back like they promised
  • _____ did the owner send the gas receipt to?

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