Software Engineer (PHP/JavaScript)

Nashville, TN
Built is a growth-stage FinTech company that is on a mission to change the way the world gets built with technology and services that streamline the $1.2T U.S. construction finance market. We strive to empower lenders, owners/borrowers, builders, inspectors, and more with innovative technologies that enable participants to manage risk, maximize productivity and improve the experience of accessing and managing construction capital. Since 2017, we have doubled in size and tripled our client base. In 2019, we completed a Series B financing round of $35 million led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners bringing our total funding to $59 million.  Our rapid growth gives us the opportunity to invest in team expansion and development.  

Built uses a variety of technologies throughout its stack to deliver a best of breed experience to users. Our front end systems leverage JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which is coupled with a PHP based API for backend services. These systems are hosted in a secure AWS environment on encrypted MySQL databases and file stores. Our integrations platform leverages the same backend services and AWS environment with pipelines powered by Python.

Our tech stack is evolving as we grow the engineering team. The coupled API is being refactored into services, and mini single-page applications are being deployed to grow the front end experience. New technologies and languages are making their way into the stack to help as we architect a system that teams can own, end to end.
Our ideal teammate:
Is a seasoned professional who aspires to “stay technical” and “be in the code” for at least the next 2-3 years of their career -- but with a strong inclination to mentor and invest in the professional growth of others around them:
• Our current tech stack is primarily built with PHP and JavaScript on an AWS environment. Ideal additions to the team would “hit the ground running”
• Full-stack development is strongly preferred, but mastery of front-end or back-end development with the desire to achieve full-stack competency might be possible.
• Thinks in terms of “applications that scale” and is knowledgeable of a broad variety of algorithms, data structures, and design patterns
• Has ideally been part of a significant refactoring initiative or has a depth of experience in contributing to an existing legacy codebase
Has a mature and informed perspective on software quality:
• Embraces appropriate testing methodologies throughout the full lifecycle of application development
• Prefers to work in an environment that includes collaborative code review
• Is passionate about building testable code leveraging automation
• Cares deeply about the quality and readability of source code and has the habit of actively improving the quality of the codebase “in passing”
• Understands and can make mature decisions involving complex trade-offs involved in accruing and paying down “technical debt”
Has a “player-coach” mentality, capable of simultaneously making strong technical contributions while mentoring others within the context of small cross-functional teams
Is a strong written and verbal communicator who is comfortable having “crucial conversations”, “negotiating” with peers on key architecture/design decisions, and proactively asks for clarity and help when they need it
Is entrepreneurially-minded, a tenacious problem solver, and enjoys the unique challenges involved in shaping the culture of a growth-stage company

We are looking for candidates who fit into our three core values:

- Put people first: Work hard and be nice to people
- Be a team player: Humble, Hungry, Smart
- Work with passion: Love what you do. Do it well. Celebrate.
The rare opportunity to change the world and radically disrupt an industry
Competitive benefits including Unmetered Vacation; Health, Dental & Vision Insurance; and 401k
Flexible Hours
Weekly Team Lunches
Kitchen loaded with all the essentials to keep you productive