Full-Stack Software Engineer: Python & React

Nashville, TN
Built is a growth-stage FinTech company that is on a mission to change the way the world gets built with technology and services that streamline the $1.2T U.S. construction finance market. We strive to empower lenders, owners/borrowers, builders, inspectors, and more with innovative technologies that enable participants to manage risk, maximize productivity and improve the experience of accessing and managing construction capital. Since 2017, we have doubled in size and tripled our client base. In 2019, we completed a Series B financing round of $35 million led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners bringing our total funding to $59 million.  Our rapid growth gives us the opportunity to invest in team expansion and development.  

Built is building a team that is centered around building services to support our applications and global customers. Initially focusing on authentication/authorization/auditing se∂rvices, feature management, public APIs, and notification systems. Done in a wonderfully collaborative environment, with high-quality codebases and empowered decision making.

Built is on a mission to simplify residential and commercial construction lending. Since day one, our goal has been to create the best way to access and manage construction capital. Our vision is to create the industry standard for construction lending software; built to streamline the loan management process and provide unprecedented portfolio insights. We strive to empower lenders, borrowers, builders, and others with innovative technologies, changing the way the world gets built.

One of Built’s areas of focus is continuing to provide the security, integrity, and auditability our customers deserve in an ever-changing landscape of use cases and needs.  Increasingly, Built’s customers and partners leverage public APIs to provide programmatic access to our systems. In addition to outward-facing needs, our internal systems are maturing and breaking into scalable services designed to be used in a composable fashion to deliver different product offerings to our customers. The two initial areas of this work are advanced feature management and notifications.

As an Engineer at Built, you will:

    • Ship features with high quality and integrity
    • Participate in architectural and design conversations
    • Encourage and build up your teammates

Success in this role is measured by:

    • Delivering the right solution at the right time with integrity.
    • Confronting and tackling odd, unique problems on a regular basis that arise in an industry not fully leveraging technology
    • Participating in delivering solutions that scale using strong architectural patterns and approaches
    • Communicating and collaborating with both technical and non-technical team members to arrive at negotiated architectural design decisions.

The Platform:

    • The services and systems will be built on Python, Docker, and AWS. (Existing systems are a mix of PHP, Javascript, and Python)
    • Our console is built on React, Redux, Typescript, GraphQL, Jest, Enzyme, Selenium.
    • We care a lot about quality and safety in our codebase.
    • The codebase will make heavy use of type hinting.
    • Test coverage targets over 90%, and Pylint at 10/10.

The team:

    • A Principal Engineer who helps ensure we’re doing the right work with quality, leveraging the proper tools, and advancing as a team.
    • Senior Engineers who help lead the team toward solutions and ensure that we maintain consistent quality.
    • Talented Software Engineers who assist in decision making and shipping features for customers multiple times a week.

What we need you to bring:

    • As this is a mid-level software engineering role, we'll be looking for a few years of professional development experience and proven track record of routinely delivering working software.
    • Ideally, you’d already have experience in Python and React.  Full-stack development is strongly preferred, but mastery of front-end or back-end development with the desire to achieve full-stack competency might be possible.
    • A principled approach for appropriate testing throughout the full lifecycle of application development (unit, integration, regression), as well as some exposure or experience with test-driven development.
    • Working knowledge of AWS services for building and deploying scalable systems, messaging, persistence, and compute.
    • Excellent communication skills.
    • A strong focus on our customers both internal and external.
    • High ownership of your work product, and delivering with integrity.
    • Deep empathy and support of your teammates.

Our culture is based on three values:

    • Put people first: Work hard and be nice to people
    • Be a team player: Humble, Hungry, Smart
    • Work with passion: Love what you do. Do it well. Celebrate.
The rare opportunity to change the world and radically disrupt an industry
Unmetered Vacation
Flexible Hours
Weekly Team Lunches
Kitchen loaded with snacks, LaCroix, beer and bottomless coffee
Health Insurance