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Los Angeles
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Zuma is pioneering the future of customer interactions with our AI-driven leasing agent, Kelsey, transforming the rental market experience for consumers and property manager alike. Our innovative platform is crafted from the ground up, integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, to boost sales conversions and enhance support capabilities for property management business across the country. As one of Los Angeles's fastest-growing startups, Zuma has over +17M in funding and support from world-renowned investors, including Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Y Combinator, King River, Range Ventures, and distinguished angel investors like YC’s former COO, Qasar Younis.

With our headquarters in Los Angeles, USA, Zuma sells its product nationally and is scaling rapidly. Achieving our vision requires a team of passionate, innovative individuals eager to leverage technology to redefine customer-business interactions. We're on the hunt for exceptional talent ready to join our mission and contribute to building a groundbreaking technology that reshapes how businesses engage with customers. Join us in our journey to revolutionize the rental industry and beyond, making seamless, AI-enhanced interactions the new standard.

We are seeking a talented and experienced Solutions Engineer to join our dynamic team at Zuma. In this critical role, you will be at the forefront of delivering exceptional technical consultation and solution design to meet our clients' unique needs. You will play a pivotal role in the sales process by joining scoping calls to analyze customer requirements and understand their current software ecosystems, ensuring that our services align with their goals and limitations.

As a Solutions Engineer, you will co-lead client system discovery efforts, focusing on understanding how clients' PMS/CRM systems are configured and identifying key data interfaces. Your expertise will guide the sales team in scoping the appropriate Zuma services and feature configurations to best serve our clients. Your responsibility will extend to ensuring a smooth onboarding process for clients, working closely with technical teams, third-party providers, and Zuma departments to configure services correctly and possibly facilitate custom feature enhancements when necessary.

Your role will also encompass the creation and maintenance of comprehensive technical documentation to aid in quick issue diagnosis and product performance inquiries. You will work alongside Account Management to resolve technical issues, leveraging your deep knowledge of property management processes, third-party software products, and a solid foundation in SQL and basic programming to conduct technical investigations.


    • Technical Consultation and Solution Design: This Solutions Engineer should join the sales scoping calls to analyze the customer needs and the requirements of the product. For instance, at Zuma, this would involve understanding how a client's software stack is stitched together on a few various dimensions. They will be responsible for understanding the client's current systems, defining the Zuma services required, setting accurate expectations, and explaining the limitations of our services given their setup. 
    • Client System Discovery: Co-lead the Scoping call with Account Management to understand how their PMS/CRM systems are configured. 
    • Customer Data Interfaces: Where does the client keep the data that we need to feed into our systems? Which Zuma services will they need to take advantage of to onboard Zuma and ensure Kelsey is up to date with the latest information?
    • Feature Configuration Scoping: Assist thesales team to scope of the set features the clients will subscribe to and how they will be configured
    • Onboarding Success: Thesolutions engineer will be responsible for ensuring the client is successfully onboarded to Zuma services decided in the scoping call. For larger customers custom feature enhancements may be required and the support engineer is responsible for looping in the appropriate product manager to see if those requests are viable given that team's workload and current other priorities. This person will be responsible for working with the client’s technical teams, third-party providers, and Zuma teams to ensure the client is configured correctly on Zuma.  

Post Sales

    • Technical Documentation: Create and maintain detailed documentation of client issues, resolutions, and any specific customizations or configurations done for future reference. This will be done for pre and post-sales onboarding. The Solutions Engineer should build the necessary documentation about how the client is set up and which Zuma services they are subscribed to and which they are not. The technical documentation will be used to more quickly diagnose issues and client questions about product performance. 
    • Issue Resolution: Work alongside Account Management to diagnose and resolve technical problems related to Zuma’s software. Account Management will loop the Support Engineer into customer tickets that require more investigation or technical triaging. This might involve debugging software issues, providing workarounds, or escalating complex issues to higher-level technical teams.
    • Technical Investigations: Run technical investigations that require a strong understanding of property management processes and familiarity with third-party PMS/CRM software products. Knowledge of Zuma’s codebase and database, SQL, and basic programming can be advantageous.
    • Client Support: Provide technical support and assistance to Zuma users via phone, email, or chat. This involves troubleshooting issues, answering queries about software functionality, and guiding clients through software features and capabilities.