Front End Developer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Gigya is looking for Front End Developer to join our team developing web application & SDK for our leading SaaS platform.
At this position you will take full ownership on developing Gigya’s management console using a different SPA technologies. Moreover take part in the development of the different SDKs being implemented and used by our client. You will challenge yourself with with Angular2 (TypeScript), ES6, Node.js and more.

Ideal candidates will have:

    • At least 3 years of experience in web development (client-side).
    • Experience with developing Single Page Applications.
    • Experience with Object Oriented JavaScript.
    • Experience in the design of software architecture.
    • Exceptional self-learning capabilities.

Extra points for:

    • Experience with JS Frameworks such as Angular, React, Aurelia and Ember.
    • Experience with native mobile apps development (iOS/Android).
    • Development experience in server-side languages such as C#, Java, Node.js, Python and PHP.

At Gigya, we can promise you three things:

    • A challenging environment - You will work with the most cutting edge technologies  available , contributing to your development experience and professional skillset.
    • Inspiration - You will work with other techies and experienced, battle-hardened managers, who will push you to new limits and help you develop your full potential. At Gigya, the best idea wins.
    • Convenient and fun - Our offices are located in Azrieli Towers with a breathtaking view and are easily accessible by bus, car and train. We’ve got the best gadgets and frequently participate in fun, exciting and team-building activities.

You’ll most enjoy our company culture if you’re:

    • Intelligent, curious and love to learn and explore new depths in the technology you use every day.
    • Willing and able to meet a challenge head-on, solve problems independently and make things happen.
    • Open minded, flexible and thrive in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
    • A team player who understands that the only way to solve large problems is with teamwork and mutual support.