IT - Senior DevOps Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel
Gigya is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer. The position is located at Gigya’s R&D center, Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv.

About the position:
The position’s primary challenge is to manage complicated, global, open-source infrastructure. The team member will join highly-skilled team, and will need to be familiar with emerging technologies in the field and make decisions regarding the use of those technologies at Gigya. Success is defined by systems that provide 100% uptime (including during maintenance periods) and quick, automatic provisioning of resources while maintaining constant system reliability. You will work hand in hand with developers, QA engineers, architects, system, operations engineers and project managers.

Responsibilities include:

    • Build and maintain highly available and scalable production systems.
    • Manage core production systems, including frequent changes and updates.
    • Rapidly identify and resolve problems in production systems.
    • Handle complex service faults.
    • Improve technologies and processes while maintaining a rapid delivery cycle.
    • Provide support during off hours (nights and weekends) when necessary.

Ideal candidates will have:

    • At least 3 years experience managing and maintaining Linux servers in a global, multi-server environment.
    • Experience writing Python, Ruby and Bash scripts.
    • Practical experience using Puppet.
    • Strong familiarity with Hadoop/Hbase, Mysql, MongoDB and ElasticSearch.
    • Experience configuring Amazon Web Services or similar cloud-based platforms.
    • Prior work experience in an Internet/SaaS company.
    • Experience with virtualization systems e.g., KVM, XEN, Openstack.

You’ll most enjoy our company culture if you’re:

    • Intelligent, curious and love to learn and explore new depths in the technology you use every day.
    • Willing and able to meet a challenge head-on, solve problems independently and make things happen.
    • Open minded, flexible and thrive in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
    • A team player who understands that the only way to solve large problems is with teamwork and mutual support.