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Girls Who Code is seeking an enthusiastic Instructional Coach for our 2022 Self-Paced Summer Program. Our curriculum is designed to  educate, inspire, and equip high school girls with the skills and resources to pursue academics and careers in the technology and engineering sectors, as well as build bravery and confidence. Our new flexible virtual program is unique in its approach by offering students across the country to participate in a self-paced computer science class that includes asynchronous instruction with weekly synchronous support and community-building opportunities. Students in our beginner level course offering will have 6 weeks to complete class projects focused on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in our web development course. Students in our intermediate level course offering will have 6 weeks to complete class projects focused on Python and Cybersecurity. 

Students are enrolled into cohorts of 50-60 students supported by 2 Advisors throughout the 6 weeks of the program. Advisors are responsible for leading weekly Advisory Meetings for each Cohort they support and leading Student Hours 4-5 times per week. The Instructional Coach and Advisors must be available to work up to 30 hours during the 6 weeks the program runs, and must attend a June virtual training and complete prep-work in advance of the program’s start date. If available in May, the Instructional Coach will support with development or training and support materials prior to the program start date. 

We believe all girls have the interest and ability to code. Our Self-Paced Summer Program Instructional Coach will work with our Advisors to encourage, nurture and mentor students through our program. The Instructional Coach will do this by supporting the development and delivery of training, conducting virtual classroom observations, facilitating virtual check-ins with Advisory teams, providing coaching and support, and acting as a communication liaison between virtual classrooms and GWC central office. 

This position starts on May 2, 2022 (if available to support with training materials), or on June 6, 2022 (if not available to support training) and will finish on August 17, 2022.

Responsibilities: Training and Support Material Development (Pre-Program April-June)

    • Collaborate with our Curriculum & Instruction Manager to support the design, implementation, and delivery of remote training for Self-Paced Program (SPP) staff.
    • Update existing and create new training modules as needed for Advisors in the SPP to ensure curriculum understanding and align Advisor staff with GWC’s classroom support approach and organizational values.
    • Review, QA and support with upload of training and support materials as needed. 
    • Support with facilitation of Synchronous Advisor Training. 
    • Support with monitoring of Advisor Training completion. 

Responsibilities: Advisor Coaching & Development (During the Program July-August)

    • Regularly observe each Cohort’s Advisory Meeting and Advisor in order to provide feedback and actionable suggestions around facilitation best practices and classroom culture (on a weekly basis).
    • Facilitate weekly virtual check-in meetings with the Advisory Teams to review observation feedback, share updates from GWC central office, review student progress and classroom concerns. 
    • Brainstorm solutions and approaches to classroom management issues.
    • Encourage Advisors to implement instructional best practices such as promoting engagement with breakout rooms, giving clear and concise instructions, constructing structured checks for understanding, etc..
    • Encourage and act as a thought partner with Advisors on ways to adapt Advisory activities to their student’s interests and strengths.
    • Ensure responsibilities and tasks are divided amongst Advisory team members and completed in a timely fashion. 
    • Provide coaching for any communication issues within the Advisory team.
    • Work through any challenging projects or concepts with the Advisory team.
    • Communicate about Advisor development, classroom progress, issues or concerns regularly with your manager during weekly check-ins and other communication channels (Slack, email, etc.) as needed. 
    • Clarify and remind Advisors of details for virtual engagement opportunities throughout the summer.

Responsibilities: Student Emergencies and Issues (During the Program, July-August)

    • Help Advisors address and escalate to GWC central offices of urgent needs, such as illness or student disengagement.
    • Follow established escalation procedures for any student or family issues that arise during the program.

Responsibilities: Specific Duties (During the Program July-August)

    • Respond to slack messages, calls, and emails related to the responsibilities listed above in a timely fashion.
    • Conduct virtual weekly cohort observations and provide feedback to Advisors and GWC management.
    • Lead virtual weekly check-ins with Advisory teams.
    • Report and log any classroom issues related to responsibilities listed above with GWC through the appropriate channels.
    • Participate in a virtual weekly check in with your manager to communicate learnings and share updates from Advisory teams.
    • Review and approve time sheets submitted by Advisors. 
    • Represent Girls Who Code externally in meetings and engagements with GWC partners.
    • Submit performance feedback for assigned Advisors once the summer program concludes.

Qualifications (Required)

    • Bachelor’s degree required; Bachelor of Education strongly preferred.
    • 4+ years teaching, administration, or other in-school experience.
    • Experience leading and managing an effective and supportive classroom environment for students.
    • Must be able to commit to working up to 30 hours during the 6-weeks of the program (July 5 through August 12th), plus a few days of virtual training and preparation time prior to the program's start date and a few days after August 12th to finish reviewing project work.
    • Ability to commit to the following hour requirements: Training + Week Zero Prep Time ~ 25 hours, In Program Work Time ~ 30 hours per week.
    • Demonstrated poise, professionalism, and exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written.
    • Ability to comfortably engage with a variety of program stakeholders ranging from corporate partners, funders, members of the press, and/or technology executives.
    • Consistently maintains a positive attitude and builds strong relationships with Advisors and students. 
    • Timeliness and dependability in attendance throughout the program, including all training sessions prior to program start and post-program reporting requirements.
    • Commitment to Girls Who Code’s mission.

Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience teaching in an academically and culturally diverse classroom.
    • Prior experience coaching and developing teachers. 
    • Experience developing and delivering training to educators or adult learners. 
    • Experience with facilitating virtual zoom meetings and navigating online learning platforms.
    • Prior experience with Girls Who Code.
Girls Who Code is committed to building a truly diverse and inclusive organization with a focus on valuing, serving, and understanding our target constituents, while challenging all stakeholders to think inclusively for the betterment of our programs.

Girls Who Code is an equal opportunity employer committed to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its hiring and promotion process without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, partnership status, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital, parental or familial status, national origin, ethnicity, veteran or military status, age, disability, or any other legally protected basis. Racial and ethnic minorities and men are encouraged to apply for vacant positions at all levels.  GWC is not able to sponsor employment visas.