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About GIST
GIST’s vision is a sustainable tomorrow: a world in which everyone measures what matters. Our mission is to help investors and companies measure and manage their impacts on all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
GIST is a pioneering data and analytics company that brings together world-renowned sustainability expertise with technology and big data to enable both investors and companies to measure, value, and benchmark company impacts across all four capitals: Natural, Human, Social, and Produced.
GIST’s data and software solutions provide analytics and insights that make it easy for investors and companies to understand and manage performance across all value dimensions, identify material risks, and make informed decisions.
Founded by Pavan Sukhdev (ex-banker, environmental economist, President of WWF International, and winner of the 2020 Tyler Prize for the Environment), GIST is at the cutting edge of measuring impacts using a scientifically sound and economically rigorous methodology that provides unique and unparalleled insight into how companies impact society and the environment.
GIST has been measuring and quantifying impact for over 16 years, and the GIST team brings a depth and breadth of experience in sustainability, science and economics that is unmatched in the market. Our customers and partners include leading global investors and companies, including the world’s largest public pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, industry leaders such as BASF and Wipro, and over forty public and private companies and investors across the world.                                                                                           

Why work at GIST?
Join a world-class team working at the cutting edge of impact and sustainability: GIST is a world leader in measuring and managing corporate sustainability impacts. Our team and board are widely recognized for their depth and breadth of sustainability expertise, and our clients are leading investors and corporations worldwide who are pushing the envelope on sustainability.
You will join a group of ambitious, passionate colleagues who are working at the heart of the next evolution of ESG: impact-based metrics. You will benefit from our team’s extensive expertise, to learn all about sustainability, ESG, and corporate impacts. We hire the best and brightest and invest intensely in training and development.
GIST is a diverse, inclusive workplace with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds, both academically and culturally: what unites us is the pride, passion, creativity, and rigour we bring to our work and our shared mission. Our unified team spans many corners of the globe, with key hubs in Mumbai, Delhi, London, and Geneva.

To ensure smooth and effective day-to-day operations of our Noida office and guest house. To support administrative requirements across offices, including requirements from our global teams. This role includes any ad hoc admin specific duties arising across GIST globally.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

    • Procure and manage office supplies and utilities along with maintaining an inventory for the same
    • Ensure smooth functioning of office equipment and facilities
    • Calendar management: schedule meetings and virtual events
    • Event planning: coordinate and plan office functions (celebratory events, catering requests, supplies coordination)
    • Assist office visitors and ensure their needs are met
    • Record and manage employee attendance
    • Provide liaison assistance with GIST’s travel agent to facilitate booking accommodations, flights, and visa documentation requests
    • Arrange post and deliveries. Maintain inbound/outbound registry
    • Liaise with and manage vendors for ad hoc requests such as ID card creation, purchasing office supplies, etc.
    • Guest house supervision: arrange and manage bookings, utilities, and supervise housekeeping staff at the guest house
    • Supervise housekeeping staff in the Delhi office
    • Redirect staff inquiries to the respective HR, Admin or Finance team members
    • Ensure compliance with office policies
    • Willingness to travel to other Indian offices as needs arise

Required Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Attributes

    • A Bachelor's degree or higher
    • Minimum 2 years of experience in Administration
    • Experience as an Executive Assistant to a Director/Partner/CEO (or a similar level) is a plus
    • Strong problem-solving, analytical and decision-making skills
    • Excellent organisational skills
    • Effective and persuasive presentation and excellent oral/written communication skills in English
    • Strong interpersonal skills with high integrity and ethics
    • Self-driven and motivated with the desire to work in a fast-paced, results-driven agile environment with varied responsibilities
    • Resilient, able to prioritise
    • Willing to challenge, but diplomatic and able to balance requests from multiple-stakeholders
    • Highly responsive; able to keep calm when handling urgent requests
    • An entrepreneurial spirit, with the ability to thrive in an international start-up environment
    • A passion for sustainability
Please note, this role is on-site and you will need to report to our Noida office.

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