Senior/ Full-stack Engineer

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Our Core Values:
* Users come first
* Build better product, not just different
* Do less but get more done
* Always be learning

We have always been an iOS only application since we started 8 years ago. We are now ready to make our application available in other platforms. We are building up our first web engineering team and are looking for a senior backend engineer to join us. You would be responsible for creating the backend infrastructure to support our new business initiatives such as cloud storage, collaboration and cross platform deployment. You would be working closing with our mobile and product teams on redefining productivity applications for the new era of computing.

Preferred Requirements

    • Excellent problem solving and story-telling skills
    • A love of software craftsmanship
    • A strong desire of self improvement through side projects and sharing
    • Good taste as a maker 
    • Built projects you are proud of, big plus if they are side projects
    • Strong sense on the best tools for any task
    • Drove web product development from inception to million of users
    • Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals
    • Production experience building and scaling reliable and safe distributed system
    • Deep understandings on system design, data structures and API design.
    • Strong software engineering best practices
    • Experience with Operational Transformation and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types
    • Mastery in at least two programming language
We don't expect you to be a degree holder as we value experience over qualifications.

We offer competitive compensation and meaningful equity along with a chance to make significant contribution to a product people already love. We take care of you and your loved ones with medical insurance and flexible working hours including two optional work-from-home days! One of our best company traditions is annual off-site. Check out our pictures from team outings and more on careers page.