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Goodwater is a Venture Capital firm focused on consumer tech. We have a global investment focus and have invested in 7 unicorns in 7 years. We hold a strong belief that data is revolutionizing venture capital investments and our early results reinforce that. We are currently expanding our ambitions and our team. Data has been critical to Goodwater’s success since our founding. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of quantitative investing in venture capital. Our team combines statistical models in production with qualitative insights to find promising companies and help them grow.

We’re looking for accomplished data scientists to support our goal of empowering exceptional companies. We encourage every member of the team to explore creative ideas and utilize their background expertise to help us with our mission.

What makes you a good fit for the Goodwater investment team:

Insatiable curiosity - you aren’t just satisfied with an answer and are hungry for understanding “why?”

Entrepreneurial - You’re comfortable with moving fast and adapting to fluid roadmaps and priorities. You aren’t afraid of failure and look for creative solutions to overcome challenges.

Humility - You have come to realize that the more knowledge you gain, the less you actually know, and that pushes you to continually seek knowledge from others.

You are service-oriented: Venture capital is fundamentally a service business and we exist to serve and support our portfolio companies. 

You are passionate about consumer technology: 140 character tweets, vertical e-commerce, the “disruption of institutionalized industries” such as healthcare and finance – our team members live and thrive in the world of apps and internet services that impact the day to day lives of consumers. Your passion emanates in conversations with the team and is reflective of our mission. 

You are truth-seeking: We embrace the mantra “strong opinions, loosely held.” Data Scientists who thrive at Goodwater are comfortable pushing back against a (near) consensus decision, and celebrate when their own point-of-view is challenged. Data is likely your favorite currency. 

You embrace data science as a team-sport: You don’t focus on who built this model, or who was the first to identify a solution. Instead, you use every opportunity to put your best foot forward as a team and are excited to pitch in whether it’s for a strategic project, prep for a meeting, or working with other teams to problem solve. 

If this sounds like you, here are some qualifications we’re looking for:


    • Ideally 3-8 years of experience. We are hiring across junior and senior positions.
    • Excellent communication skills, especially toward technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Passion for understanding consumer tech companies.
    • Experience analyzing data for tech companies.
    • Experience identifying trends, patterns, and anomalies from large data sets.
    • Ability to interpret and present analytical insights to stakeholders.
    • Knowledge of statistics and experience building statistical models.
    • Proficiency in Python or other data analysis tools.
    • Fluency in SQL.


    • Experience evaluating investment opportunities, for example at a bank, VC firm, or hedge fund.
    • Experience implementing machine learning models using TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, or other libraries.
    • Experience writing and debugging production-grade code.
About Goodwater Capital

The mission of Goodwater Capital is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We are 100% focused on consumer tech, an area that we define simply as apps and services adopted directly by consumers. Goodwater is founded on the belief that we are experiencing an explosion of consumer-driven opportunities in communications, community, and commerce. We are excited to see great entrepreneurs pioneering powerful new platforms to serve consumers across a broad range of industries including local services, marketplaces, health care, education, financial services, and wearables… just to name a few. Goodwater is focused on consumer tech investments and our chief investment criteria is simple — a product or service that customers LOVE.  Goodwater was founded in 2014 and manages over $2B across several venture capital funds. We are actively investing and building a growing portfolio of exciting consumer audience, commerce, and services startups that will become the next generation of platform companies.