Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Burlingame, CA /
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Data and technologies have drastically transformed the investment process of public securities from heavily human-powered to efficiently automated, eventually spawning a new trillion-dollar industry: high-frequency trading. Our team holds a strong belief that a similar revolution will happen in venture capital investment as well. Our early results suggest that this approach can irrevocably transform the VC industry. 

Our team is creating innovative software solutions for Goodwater and our portfolio companies. We are looking for passionate, hard-working, and talented senior full-stack engineers to break the ground and build our new data-driven investment products for next-generation venture capital investment. 

In this position, you will:
- Wear multiple hats along the dynamics of our business, and comfortable to do interdisciplinary work. This is our definition of "Full Stack".
- Build proof of concept using modern technologies and convert them into a solid implementation plan. 
- Take on our most challenging work and be a good role model for the rest of the team on best practices and productivity. 
- Design a responsive, elastic, and resilient software architecture that can power large volume data processing pipelines and complex data analysis.
- Drive the innovations and serve as a good knowledge resource for the rest of the team on technical challenges and speak cogently on trade-offs on system designs. 
- Work in an agile environment to deliver high-quality software with excellent test discipline.

Do these qualities describe you?
* Curiosity: You notice patterns and phenomena and ask “why?”. You're hungry to learn the broader context and consequences of your work.
* Quantitative and qualitative thinking: You seek out the best available data and explore it to answer “why?”. Your analyses and insights are guided and vetted by your qualitative understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.
* Humble and collaborative: You have come to realize that the more knowledge you gain, the less you actually know, and that pushes you to continually seek knowledge from others. You are also eager to share your knowledge and insights with others.
* Entrepreneurial: You're comfortable with moving fast and adapting to fluid roadmaps and priorities. You aren't afraid of failure and look for creative solutions to overcome challenges.

If this sounds like you, here are some qualifications we're looking for:


    • 6+ years of related professional experience
    • Solid experience in coding, using programming languages like Javascript
    • Good experience building up production systems in the following trades, i.e. web or mobile frontend, backend api services, data pipelines/storage, infrastructure/DevOps, or machine learning engineering
    • Strong experience in UI/UX design and styling, implementing and testing a modern, distributed computing architecture
    • Strong systems thinking with a focus on simplicity and easy maintenance


    • Strong experience with React, Redux, REST
    • Experience with various data storage platforms, i.e. MySQL, BigQuery, Cassandra, Redis, or ElasticSearch
    • Experience with various infrastructure tools, i.e. Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, or GitHub Actions
    • Be comfortable working in a startup or incubator environment where moving fast and developing iteratively is standard.
About Goodwater Capital

The mission of Goodwater Capital is to empower exceptional entrepreneurs who are changing the world. We are 100% focused on consumer tech, an area that we define simply as apps and services adopted directly by consumers. Goodwater is founded on the belief that we are experiencing an explosion of consumer-driven opportunities in communications, community, and commerce. We are excited to see great entrepreneurs pioneering powerful new platforms to serve consumers across a broad range of industries including local services, marketplaces, health care, education, financial services, and wearables… just to name a few. Goodwater is focused on consumer tech investments and our chief investment criteria is simple — a product or service that customers LOVE.  Goodwater was founded in 2014 and manages over $2B across several venture capital funds. We are actively investing and building a growing portfolio of exciting consumer audience, commerce, and services startups that will become the next generation of platform companies.