Senior Software Engineer, Plugins

R&D – Engineering: Enterprise /
About Grafana Labs:

Grafana Labs is the company behind Grafana - the de facto standard Open Source dashboarding tool for visualizing and analyzing metrics. Grafana is commonly used for infrastructure and application monitoring, but we've also seen installations to monitor things like beehives, power-plants, or even ambulances.
Grafana's mission is to democratize metrics: users can create dashboards that help them get insights into how their applications behave, enabling them to iterate, take action and improve faster. Commercially, Grafana Labs sells enterprise support plans and has a hosted metrics/logs offering.

We are a remote-first, globally-distributed, and family- & pet-friendly company (lots of us have kids, both of the human and fur-kind). Even if you are located near our office in Stockholm (or Berlin), working from home is both common and encouraged.

This is a remote position. We are looking for candidates in EST/Central US.

We're looking for amazing individuals to help us grow and shape the future of the Grafana plugin ecosystem. Our primary goal is creating integrations that help users unlock the power of their data. Our mission is to give users the capability to aggregate data from any source they have within their environment, opening the door to a new way of thinking about observability. We want users to be able to leverage Grafana to view the entire lifecycle of their infrastructure and software in a composable fashion. We have a passion for the user experience. We take pride in the software that we write and want it to be the best possible experience for our users.

What you’ll be working on:

A normal “day in the life” could include working on a plugin to integrate metrics into Grafana, adding new functionality to our plugin SDKs, or implementing new innovations into our plugin system to allow for enhanced capabilities.


    • You have full-stack experience working across front-end and backend development
    • You have experience with Typescript, React, Go, GRPC or similar technologies
    • You work well within a team and you're driven to help others
    • You strive to be better at your craft!
    • You can drive your work independently, but you also know when to reach out for help
    • You care deeply about user experience and the quality of the products that you work on

Bonus points:

    • Experience writing Grafana plugins or working in another plugin development ecosystem
    • Experience working with Apache Arrow or similar columnar data serialization libraries
    • Experience working with data integration systems
At our core Grafana Labs is an open company. We believe that open source is the superior way to build and deliver software. We also believe in being open and transparent with our employees. We believe that transparency breeds trust and that trust is the foundation of great teamwork. We actively seek to break down silos, empower employees with information and allow people to “see the whole picture”. This transparency extends to our strategy, our financials, our successes and failures. We empower our team to make their own decisions and trust that they will try to do the right thing.
We are a remote first team. Our three founders are on three different continents and our team of 170+ global employees are based in 30+ different countries. Hiring remotely unlocks the broadest, most diverse, most talented pool of potential employees. It also means that we have built our culture around a flexible and autonomous work environment based on trust.

Equal Opportunity Employer- At Grafana Labs we’re building a company where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, stay, and do their best work. We know that our company runs on the hard work and the dedication of our passionate and creative employees.

We will recruit, train, compensate and promote regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, disability, age, veteran status, and all the other fascinating characteristics that make us different and unique. We believe that equality and diversity builds a strong organisation and we’re working hard to make sure that’s the foundation of our organisation as we grow.