Senior Data Scientist - Behavioral Health

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering – Data Science /
About us:
Grand Rounds is a new kind of healthcare company. Founded in 2011, the company is on a mission to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone, everywhere. The Grand Rounds team goes above and beyond to connect and guide people to the highest quality healthcare available for themselves and their loved ones. Grand Rounds creates products and services that give people the best possible healthcare experience. Named a 2019 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor and Rock Health’s 2018 Fastest Growing Company, Grand Rounds works with inspiring employers and doctors to empower them to be the change agents we need to make our shared vision a reality.

The Role: Data Scientists at Grand Rounds work on problems that are core to the company’s mission. Major challenges include developing systems and models to identify the highest quality doctors in the country as well as methodologies to uncover the subtle differences between each physician’s clinical expertise. Additionally, patient-level modeling allows us to understand the specific healthcare needs of every person. With a high fidelity understanding of both patients and physicians we are able to route patients to both appropriate and high quality care.   In addition to developing the company’s core technologies, data scientists provide decision support analysis for many teams across the organization including product development, sales, marketing, and strategy. Data scale ranges from small data sets that fit on a single laptop to large multi-terabyte clinical information in distributed database systems.

This particular role within the Data Science team will focus on building our behavioral health (BH) related services. The US will be short over 16,000 psychiatrists by 2025, not to mention limitations of other types of BH providers, and the availability/access to/quality of the existing providers. Further, members with BH needs often have other physical conditions and the coexistence of BH needs with chronic conditions may 2-3x the costs of care. This role will use a mixture of structured data and text based data (Natural Language Processing skills a plus) to help identify members’ needs, match members to top providers, and determine which BH providers have the experience in particular domains. It is also a highly cross-functional role, as you will work closely with our Clinical and Product teams to help support our members’ needs during these difficult times. 

We are looking for someone with strong NLP experience on difficult applications that recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between cutting edge techniques and simple, scalable solutions. Having experience in the Behavioral Health space is strongly desired. 

Example Projects include:

    • Predict who may have a BH need. A member’s care can be greatly enhanced if a clinician is aware of BH risks or needs of the member they are speaking with. However, because BH is faced with a negative stigma in the United States or a member just may not know to bring it up, the member may not discuss their BH needs with the clinician. If we can determine BH associated risks that our members face, our clinicians can professionally ask relevant questions to better treat, guide, and route members through the health care system. We strive to build NLP tools and systems to mine our rich text-based data to determine the types of BH risks/needs our members may have. We use the minimum necessary de-identified data to derive insights, and these insights are presented only to the treating professionals.

    • BH provider quality modeling. Unfortunately, not all providers are equal. Due to differences in judgment, training, and prior experience we find that there is a huge range in the clinical outcomes they can drive. Further, as different providers have different expertise, it is a non-trivial problem to determine which patients are best treated by which providers. Grand Rounds is a leader in the field of determining clinical quality, and we hope to further extend our tooling and modeling expertise to additional aspects of BH. Instead of just going to a generic in-network provider, this effort will help route our members to providers with a proven track record in the specific area of their need. 


    • Help imagine and then create the Grand Rounds Behavioral Health offering
    • Help build the tooling to make sense of rich, largely untapped data assets, including text-based dataLead and develop major projects from end-to-end encompassing planning, design, technical implementation, debugging, roll-out to Product & Engineering, testing, and iteration
    • Operate at level of sophistication in statistics, machine learning, or computer science that is publication-worthy
    • Regularly monitor pull requests, perform code reviews, and produce excellent peer reviews on projects prior to shipping to Product & Engineering
    • Evaluate and experiment with new technologies and tools prior to wider adoption by the team
    • Work closely with analysts, data scientists, product managers, clinicians, and engineers


    • BS with 8+ years or MS with 6+ years or PhD with 3+ years of experience.  Degree(s) should be in a technical discipline such as Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Math, quantitative social science
    • Work experience leading complex Data Science and Engineering projects
    • Experience with NLP techniques for text representation (e.g. n-grams, sentiment analysis, bag of words, vectorization, etc.), semantic extraction / named entity recognition, annotation, summarization, relation extraction, and intent recognition.  Conversational agent experience is a plus
    • Experience with SQL relational databases as well as big data
    • Required: Python, SQL, Linux Shell Scripting 
    • Frequent user of cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
    • Excellent verbal communications, including the ability to clearly and concisely articulate complex concepts to both technical and non-technical collaborators
    • Business intuition and product sense that help you identify the most impactful projects to work on to address current and future business needs
    • Bonus Points for: background in Behavioral Health or Healthtech
Grand Rounds is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics or any other basis forbidden under federal, state, or local law. Grand Rounds considers all qualified applicants in accordance with the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance.