Scientist: CRISPR-based Screening and Protein Engineering

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Graphite Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of targeted DNA integration. Graphite Bio uses next-generation CRISPR based technology platforms for developing curative gene correction-based stem cell therapies for serious and life-threatening genetic diseases with inadequate existing treatment options

The Role:
We are seeking a Ph.D. level Scientist with expertise in mammalian gene editing and DNA repair. The candidate will be a key member of the team building robust screening platforms to facilitate genetic and protein engineering to improve homology directed repair (HDR) and targeted DNA integration. These projects will broadly support Graphite Bio’s target identification and pipeline efforts by identifying and optimizing key research tools and reagents that precisely and efficiently repair genetic defects in stem cells

What You Will Do:

    • Build targeted and nonbiased genetic and protein engineering screening systems in human cell lines and primary cells.
    • Apply a thorough understanding of DNA repair in human cells to target identification and assay design. 
    • Generate and thoroughly characterize genetically engineered cell lines to validate targets and establish and/or optimize screening platforms. 
    • Continually work to optimize screening conditions and maximize screen readouts by identifying and evaluating emerging technologies, methods, and tools in the CRISPR/DNA-repair fields.
    • Validate hits from genetic and protein engineering screens in both cell lines and primary cells.
    • Work collaboratively within and across project and functional groups to achieve scientific goals and meet company timelines.
    • Effectively interpret and analyze scientific data and communicate findings internally and externally. 
    • Establish and contribute positivity to the broader vision of company culture.

What You Will Bring:

    • Ph.D. (or MS with ≥ 3 years of relevant industry experience) in molecular biology, genetics, bioengineering, biochemistry, or a related discipline. 
    • In-depth knowledge of cell and gene therapy, high throughput screening in mammalian cells, and/or DNA repair. 
    • Hands-on experience with mammalian cell culture, routine molecular biology and immunological techniques, CRISPR-based gene editing, and/or the phenotypic screening and characterization of genetically engineered mammalian cells. 
    • Strong publication record demonstrating significant contributions in the field. 
    • Excellent record-keeping, time management, organization, and communication (writing, verbal, presentation) skills.
    • Comfortable working independently, as well as collaborating with peers, on multiple projects at once. 
    • Able to positively impact company culture and demonstrate flexibility in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment
Fit with Graphite Bio’s culture:
Ability to build strong relationships with co-workers of various backgrounds and expertise
Ability to function at a high level in a team setting whether leading the group or acting as an individual
Values-based leadership consistent with Graphite Bios’ Core Values
Excitement about the vision and mission of Graphite Bio 

Compensation/ Benefits:
Competitive salary with equity 
Health benefits

Graphite Bio is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for
employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national
origin, protected veteran status, or disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.